The Corroded Master has been known for putting out hard hitting and confronting hard core techno sounds, this album is no exception. The music is full on, in your face and in most parts a full on assault on the ears. There are some fast and furious industrial sounds paired with full samples of war and destruction. There is a massive political anti-war feel that is pushed out purely thought sampling.

Propaganda(Enemy Morale Mix) is a fast and furious tune, the tunes are really energetic while the various distorting sounds create a deep industrial atmosphere.  Enemy morale is a full on onslaught, with sounds of guns and other explosions going off over the track backed with some chaotic carnival like music going off as the backdrop. The Truth is a solid rave style tune complete with some solid beats that get your head nodding away. Last truths sees the music start to mellow out a little with a soft melody to it while still retaining the rough industrial feel. Desire is a solid dance tune, will of energy and power it would get any dance floor moving. Strapped down is a chilling tune with all sorts of dark atmospheric sounds making you feel like you are trapped in a dark abandoned building.

This is a very solid collection of industrial rave tunes that will either get you dancing or scare you off. The music is very confronting at times but that really is the point! If you want some hard core industrial sounds to get you up and moving with some experimentation mixed in then this album is for you!



Check out the Bandcamp page to hear songs off the album.