Brisbane-based band Holland have just released their first single “No Control” from their forthcoming debut record and are hitting the road in support of it. We caught up with Jarryd Klapper, lead singer of the band, to ask him about the band’s music.

How and when did you form?

We formed back in about 2006 as 4 mates who realised that we should be playing music together.. Things changed about a year and a half ago and we changed drummers and have been making progress musically ever since.

Where did the name Holland come from?

It is my mother’s maiden name.

What made you pick “No control” as your debut single?

We wanted to pick a single based purely on the fact that we loved the song rather than the ‘target audience’, and we thought that ‘No Control’ really represented our sound.

You’ll have an album coming out soon, how will the songs compare to the single?

The album is about 50/50 guitar & piano based songs… I feel like it is fairly diverse; we tried to create an album of songs that didn’t all sound the same, yet they are all tied in to the same sort of sound..if that makes any kind of sense

Was it hard to pick what songs made it onto the album?

It is a never-ending process actually.. At the time of me typing this, we are still in the process of choosing..

What was it like working with Nick DiDia?

It was excellent. Nick is the most ‘Australian’ American we have ever met. He got our jokes. And he got our ideas, musically, and had the ability to recognize when a song needed to be left alone. He learned his trade in a time before ProTools and the digital era, and I think that lent something to the process.

What was it like to tour with Tim Freedman?

Well we didn’t actually tour with him, we played a show with him in Brisbane, but it was really cool.. He had a great band and it was a little bit nostalgic to see him on stage and hear a recognizable voice.

You’re about to tour round the east coast of Australia, what can fans expect from your show?

We always aim to put 100% of our energy into the presentation of our songs.. There will be times when we appear to be lost in the music, but that is only because we want to give the listeners a real experience..

Do you ever listen to your own music?

Not often.. But it is inevitable as we need to make sure it sounds right..

What music do you listen to?

I think that, collectively, we listen to a fairly broad range of music.. I listen to a lot of soul/R&B stuff, but I also love bands that make simple music like Weezer, Ben Folds Five, Manchester Orchestra, Coldplay…the list is very very long..

What was the first album you ever owned?

It was Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks. It was on tape and I used to listen to it every night. Dylan was not a great singer, but there was just something about that voice that made me listen again and again… I’m sure I’m not alone…

What do you plan on doing once the album is out?

Touring and making much better music.

Holland are about to tour the east coast of Australia, for tour dates scroll down. Check out their facebook page or their webpage to find out more.

Thurs 31 May – Rock Lily @ The Star – Pyrmont, NSW
Sat 2 June – Manly Food & Wine Festival (Afternoon) – Manly, NSW
Sat 2 June – Upstairs @ Beresford – Darlinghurst, NSW
Sun 3 June – Brass Monkey – Cronulla, NSW
Sat 16 June – The Loft – Gold Coast, QLD
Sun 17 June – Hoey Moey Beergarden – Coffs Harbour, NSW
Fri 6 July – Upstairs @ Beresford – Darlinghurst, Sydney
Sat 7 July – Old Manly Boatshed – Manly, NSW
Sun 8 July – Brass Monkey – Cronulla, NSW
Fri 20 July – Beach Hotel – Byron Bay, NSW
Sat 21 July – The Loft – Gold Coast, NSW
Sun 22 July – Blackbear Lodge – Brisbane, NSW
Fri 3 August – FBi Social Club – Sydney, NSW
Sat 4 August – Old Manly Boatshed – Manly, NSW
Sun 5 August – Brass Monkey – Cronulla, NSW