This is the debut release from Across the Sydney based dream folk outfit The Lanterns. Across the three tracks is a mix of some curious experimental electronic sounds. They are the sort of songs which, at first listen, may sound like a heap of chaotic noise. However upon further listens the different parts start to fit together and show off some great sounds.

Run & Hide mixes indie and trip-hop elements sounding somewhere between Massive Attack and Radiohead. There is a a great laid back ambient feel that is complemented with some fast electronic beats. Fifty miles away starts off with a simple thumping drum beat with other sounds slowly floating in as the sound gradually builds into a heavy industrial/trip hop sound. The EP closes with the dark and chilling title track. In this track the vocals are quite minimalist allowing for the instrumentation to be explored further, uncovering some beautiful soundscapes as a result!

This is quite a promising debut EP with a range of creative and unique sounds covered. If you like Radiohead’s more experimental work then this EP is for you!


To hear songs off the EP check out the Lanterns’ bandcamp page.