Alice SpaceDoll is a solo performer who writes, performs and produces her own brand of psychedelic electronica. She has just released her second full length album Other Worlds. We caught up with Alice to ask her about her music.

In your first two EPs you were known just as “Alice” what inspired you to add “SpaceDoll” to your name?

Haha Well, it’s kind of because of facebook – I actually wrote a song called ‘SpaceDoll’ and I had just joined facebook and needed a last name. ‘Alice’ itself was too general so I though adding ‘SpaceDoll’ on the end would set me apart. Plus it seemed fitting 🙂

There’s only been a year or so between your latest album and your previous one, was it hard to get an albums worth of material together and out this quickly?

It wasn’t really hard – of course there are challenges on the way. I just happened to write a bunch of tracks that I was happy with and had enough of them to release an album – it was very spontaneous and last minuet, and seeing as I’m about to head over the UK and Europe, I thought it would be the perfect time to release a new audio art piece!

Are there any follow up albums planned yet?

As a matter of fact, there will be a Remix EP released in the next Month I believe so. Remixes are by Kalya Scintilla, Interdream, Mr Sqautch and Mr Bill. I’m really excited about it too – the guys have remixed some of the tracks from Sunships and Starseeds and added a really unique twist to my original creations.

Once again you wrote, played and produced everything on the album, is it hard to do everything yourself?

Yes I have written, recorded and produced the album. It’s actually a lot easier doing everything yourself – mainly because only you REALLY know what sound you’re after. I am still learning and perfecting my production skills and although I feel there are some slight and subtle imperfections in the production, they are authentic and real. I feel Other Worlds  has no hidden truths.

The songs are quite longer on this album compared to your previous releases, was it a conscious decision to make longer, more experimental songs?

Yes, I defiantly wanted to break away from the “verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, end” style song. Originally I’ve come from a “pop” music background so naturally I was writing songs structured in such a common way. I’ve been so inspired by artists and producers like Solar Fields, H.U.V.A Network, Kalya Scintilla, Phuture primitive and tipper – all producers who have a more experimental edge, and as I evolve into the depths of life as a human being, so does my music.

Where did the artwork for the front cover come from?

The cover art was created by Francis McKeon, he’s an amazing graphic artist from Canberra and has one both my album covers. I named the Album ‘Other Worlds’ and wanted something otherworldly – I gave him a few ideas and he came up with this!

The artwork on your albums work as a visual match to the music, is this something you set out to achieve with the artwork/music?

Absolutely. I feel the Artwork is just as important as the music. Sometimes I’ll just see an image or a colour or a theme when listening to the music and then the ideas for the artwork come from there.

Other worlds works as a continuous musical journey from start to finish, when you wrote each song did you have an idea in mind on where it would fit on the album?

No, all the songs were written very separately with no idea how they would all fit together. Although when I wrote the opening track ‘Open your heart’ about a year ago, I knew straight away that it was going to be the opening track on my next album which was going to be called ‘Other Worlds’.

Where do you find the inspiration for your music?

Most of the inspiration comes from life – all round life. dreams, emotions, relationships, events, spirituality, love making, cosmic powers, the universe. As well as a lot of beautiful music – mainly psybient, downtempo and melodic chill genres.

A lot of people find my music to be really uplifting and enlightening – and yes my intention is for it to be that way – but the songs themselves are generally written about really dark experiences.

You’re about to tour the UK, what can they expect from your shows?

Yes! I’m very excited! They can expect to be taken on a journey deep within themselves through music and movement.

Following your last album you covered Babylon Zoo and the Velvet Underground, are there any covers you plan on recording this year?

I haven’t done any other covers, since… although I did do a cover of a Sydney based band called ‘True Love Chaos’. The track is available to listen to on soundcloud and bandcamp . It’s called “black water”. Other then that, I’ve been focusing on the album and touring 🙂

Do you ever listen to your own music?

For sure – i have this thing i do after writing a song – it’s a bit weird, but after i write a song I usually have to listen to the track on repeat for about 3 days before I can sit down and create a new journey. So I listen to my music a lot after the tracks been completed, and when I can’t listen to it anymore I know I’m ready to write a new song 🙂

What other music do you listen to?

Hmm, well the biggest musical influences I’ve had in my life so far are BeWitched, Linkin Park, the Dandy Warhols and Solar Fields – These are the artist that have been the biggest influence since i was 10 years old – But i listen to HEAAPS of music. bass music, dustup, psytrance, temple step, 2 step, trance, healing and sacred music, world music. Heaps!

What do you plan on doing once you return from your tour of the UK?

After the UK I’m going to Europe, so after all that… I’ll be coming home, and heading up to Far North Queensland for the Eclipse festival in November, then heading out to the Desert for the end of the Myan Calendar – but that’s a while away – anything could happen!

You can hear songs off Alice’s latest album below. Check out her bandpage or webpage to find out more!