Теми и Идеи (Themes and Ideas) is the latest musical project from Macedonia’s experimental electronic artist fydhws . This is quite a departure from his previous releases. Instead of experimental electronica we have a collection of more conventional neo-classical/orchestral sounds (as the name of the EP would suggest). While the EP is broken up into seven tracks this is really something that works best when listened to as one continuous piece with each track showing off a slight change in the journey’s direction.

The music on this album feels much more focused than previous works with the tracks all fitting together and moving from one another seamlessly. At the same time a lot of exploration is covered across the EP. There are some quite stunning classical sounds which flow from soft and sombre moments to more aggressive and intense moments. These all work together beautifully to create a very moving piece.

This is a brilliant EP covering some moving classical sounds. Going off in a completely different direction to his previous project fyshws this shows off … ability to take on different ideas and pull them off beautifully. If you are looking to hear some new classical music then this is the EP to listen to!


Check out the Теми и Идеи bandcamp page to hear songs from the EP.