This is the second full length release from Hobart’s electronic duo The Scientists of Modern Music. On offer is a collection of energetic dance tunes. The music is quite slickly produced giving a sharp and polished sound. On top of this there are some really catchy tunes coupled with some tight beats giving the music a very lively vibe.

Nightmares is a lively dance tune sounding like the Pet Shop Boys crossed with the Presets. The slick beats combined with the catchy tunes make for a energetic experience.  Girl on top has a great spacey / sci-fi feel to it that is complemented brilliantly with a rocking guitar sample. Happy you came is a cool calm tune sounding somewhere between New Order and James. Shades of grey is a darker tune with some chilling industrial undertones. Follow me is a curious experimental piece sounding a little like Daft Punk’s more obscure moments, the various sounds and samples make for a very fun tune. Sky cats is a major departure from the rest of the album mixing elements of ’80s synth pop and punk rock to come up with something catchy while having an heavy energetic edge. The album closes with the spacey ambient instrumental The future. Sounding somewhere between The Cure and My Friend The Chocolate Cake, the soothing sounds act as a great wind down from the energy of the previous songs and ends the album beautifully.

This is a great collection of electronic tunes. The band explore various sounds and styles across the album while also putting forward some catchy danceable tunes!


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