This is album number two from the collaboration of The Church’s Steve Kilbey and Remy Zero’s Jeffrey Cain. Life somewhere else is an epic journey through lush textures and vibrant atmospheric soundscapes. Jeffrey Cain’s music drifts along at a gradual pace, allowing the ideas to be fully explored. This allows the feelings behind the music to be fully realised and creates a great ambient vibe allowing the listener to drift off and be lost in the sound. This is complemented beautifully by Steve Kilbey’s poetic lyrics delivered in a calm yet strong manner adding a vivid narrative to the vibrant soundtrack.

The album opens with the epic 8 minute tune The Privateer. The ocean style sounds mixed with the sounds of people hustling about makes you feel like you are off in a small sea side town. Kilbey’s deep vocals adds further to the feeling of the song.
The title track is a more laid back and minimalist offering led by a gentle guitar and Kilbey’s dark echoing vocals. The two work together brilliantly to create a chilling yet beautiful sound.
Recoil has a heavier feel to it. The dark unnerving undertones gives the song a certain menacing feel to it which is further emphasized by Kilbey’s aggressive vocal delivery.
Reappearance is a major highlight that sees the laid back but dense atmospheric tunes hit their peak creating an all-surrounding wall of sound experience.
Oh my sky is a dense and harsh post-punk-esq offering. The industrial style tunes create a deep dark experience making you feel like you are out in a alley in the middle of the night.
Belle in the mid air works as a beautiful breezy pop tune. There are some nice catchy tunes which are given depth though some nice windy sounds gently floating through.
You will remain is a wonderfully heartfelt tribute to late Isidore drummer Gregory Slay, ensuring the album closes with as much passion and power as it opened with.

This is a brilliant collection of utterly breathtaking songs. The music is beautifully crafted to bring out a vibrant atmosphere full of emotion! This is further enhanced by Steve Kilbey’s gentle yet strong vocals that adjust effortlessly to complement the sound.


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