The Toot Toot Toot’s latest release is a spaghetti western style concept album. The album tells the story of emigré Eli Rayne upon his arrival to the gold rush town of Gomorrah Fields and the vengeance and bloodshed that occurs following his arrival. There is great imagery courtesy of the cleverly crafted and sharp narrative lyrics and by the great atmosphere the music creates. Indeed the various musical elements create an amazingly vivid picture to make you feel as if you are out in a country town during the gold rush era.

The horns have a heap of character and create a solid country town style atmosphere, while the intense drumming and rocking guitars ensure a high level of energy and intensity is reached. This is all topped off with some gutsy Tom Waits-like vocals that top off the atmospheric feel.The music flows from slow soft and chilling moments and all out blasts of fury and covering every style from country / western to avant guard with the various styles flowing to one another seamlessly.

Highlights include the fast paced and rocking Lily of Sharon. The song races by making you feel like you are traveling along a country road. Fool’s Gold is the most lively tune on the album crossing folk and ska elements to great effect. There is a great sing-a-long feel here with some really catchy tunes that get you nodding away. This is enhanced with the upbeat hand clapping. Last breath is a powerfully chilling country / folk tune. The dark vibes create an intense and unnerving atmosphere. This is topped off by the brilliantly descriptive lyrics delivered with great passion.

This is a mighty offering full of unnerving energy and a chilling intense atmosphere. Each track works together brilliantly to tell the overall story while at the same time they all work well in their own right as great rocking tunes.


To find out more check out the bands website or their Unearthed page.