This is the debut album from Melbourne 4 piece Howl at the moon. In the making for song 7 years the album shows off a heap of musical depth and a well developed distinctive sound from the band. There is a mix of jazzy, grungy and shoegazer moments accross the songs, with the different elements working together to create a distinctive and unique sound. There are some great contrasts of quiet sombre moments and loud chaotic blasts of energy. This is all held together by some gutsy vocals courtesy of Katie Scott. In each track she delivers her words with great levels of passion and intensity ensuring each track is a moving experience!


The album opens with the dark sounds of caught by the Sun. The song flows from being slow and stripped back to them being a massive jazzy blast. A certain dark atmosphere is maintained the whole way through which is led by some passionately gutsy vocals.

Just a kid is a  smooth indie/jazzy offering with elements of early Radiohead and Deborah Conway mixed in. The guitars create a great cloudy atmosphere giving the song a great dreamy, nostalgic feel to it.

Sword fighting is a heavier, grungy affair sounding like Belly or the Breeders. There is a huge sound here that is full of energy while also putting off a thick shoegazer feel to it.

The hostage is a very lively piece. The band seem to be really throwing themselves into the song with heavy blasts here and there topped off by some mighty vocals.

Black coffee is a more laid back affair with the music floating gently. This is complemented with some smooth and soft vocals. Costs a lot continues in this direction. The song has a slow smokey feel to it with some great Sonic Youth like distortion moments, climaxing at the end with a massive grungy jam!

Let The Mainsheet Down, My Love is a major highlight to the album. There’s elements of The Cure, Radiohead and Garbage all mixed in. The different elements blend together brilliantly to create a thrilling sound. The phenomenal, agonizing vocals belted out by Katie Scott makes the journey all the more amazing!

The album closes with the sombre I (Just) Want To Hold Your Hand, which winds the album down nicely ensuring it ends beautifully!


This is one gutsy effort! Every track is packed with energy and emotion as each member of the band gives it everything they’ve got and then some! This is a powerful collection of songs that pulls no punches!


To hear tracks off the album check out band’s Webpage or Unearthed page.