The Other Side of Chill is a split digital album presenting five songs each from two electronic musicians. The first half consists of five tracks from Italian Patrizio Piastra otherwise known as edPorth. The second half has five songs from Macedonian Vladimir Mitreski aka aiRless pRoject. The two artists sit nicely together with each providing some nice chilled out electronic instrumental tunes.

Each of edPorth’s tracks take off on its own journey with various samples and effects coming in and out of the mix. In each case there is a solid tune flowing through the track allowing everything to hold together. As a result each track has all sorts of interesting and unusual sounds while still having a polished conventional production.
Right night light is a soft and calm piano led electronic tune reminiscent of Robert Miles. The song gradually builds in atmosphere with various experimental samples floating into the mix, all of which is held together by the constant piano tunes. Make room is a heavier more industrial sounding tune. The various drum beats act as a solid backbone to the strange experimentation that are explored across the song.  Post love has a more dreamy sound to it, reminiscent of Leftfield’s more laid back moments. Jammed is an even more chilled out tune. The subtle textures create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. The Lost Time is a relaxed trip-hop offering led by a curious scratching sound and some soft faint synth sounds.

The airless project side of the album has a more subtle feel to it with the ideas being explored a little more gradually but with a more deep atmosphere to it. It starts with the dark and droning, Drums from beyond. The racing drums combined with the slow industrial sounds work together to create an errie atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re traveling through a dark and deserted cave. Controlled noise bleeding picks up the pace with a much lively and poppy sound while at the same time having the same dark cave-like atmosphere. Two sides same coin has a rather spacey feel to it. The strange samples going through the song create the feeling as if you are traveling around a distant planet. Bending handmade glass is an epic experimental journey. Over its 10 minute duration is glides around covering various spacey and ambient textures.  The album winds down with the spacey minute and a half Every waking hour.

This is a great album showing off two brilliant experimental electronic artists. Each artist puts forward some incredible sounds exploring various ideas. Each artist has their distinctive style while at the same time the two sides fit together to create a solid long player.


Checkout airless project’s soundcloud page to hear the album.