This is the debut full-length album from Danish psychedelic shoe-gazers, Tales of Murder and Dust. The album explores various sounds with psychedelic, grunge and prog rock elements all covered, often at the same time. The different elements work together beautifully to create a colourful atmosphere abundant with life and character.

The album opens with the instrumental The disillusion. The eastern sounds delivered in a spacey manner create an amazing trippy soundscape that allows you to drift off onto the album’s deep journey. Hypnotized narcissiat sees some rock elements blend into the mix. It hits its climax midway through with hypnotic grungy  guitar riffs that are contrasted effectively with soft echoing vocals. On my mind is a spacey atmospheric offering reminiscent of Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd. Dead Eyes is a heavier, darker tune. As the song progresses the intensity gradually builds with a thick and chilling layer of atmosphere forming as a result. Silence has a poppier, late Beatles-esq feel to it. The soft textures create a laid back and relaxing vibe. This is topped off with a big shoegazer trip at the end. The album closes with the stripped back and folky Darlin’ 61. The bare melancholic  sounds act as the perfect wind down to the album’s epic journey!

This is a fantastic offering that covers all manner of sounds and experimentation pulling them off with dynamic flair! Albums like this show you how beautiful music can be!


To hear songs off the album check out the band’s bandcamp page.