This is the debut release from Sydney’s Andrew Drummond. This is a promising sign of things to come with each track fueled with feeling and a heap of passion.

The EP opens with the soft acoustic sounds of Morning Light. The subtle textures paint a vibrant and colourful soundscape. This is further enhanced with the solid harmonious vocals. Solitary space is a soft indie/folk tune in the vein of the Whitlams’ early work. The minimalist sounds here allow a great breathy atmosphere which is complemented by solid harmonious backup vocals. I can feel you is a soft minimalist tune. The bare sounds allow Andrew’s sweet emotion voice to shine through and show off its power. Wonder aimless has a country / roots feel to it with Andrew’s voice adjusted with a slight twang to fit the soundtrack. The EP closes with the touching Northern Poet.

This is a very promising offering. Armed, in most parts, with just an acoustic guitar and his voice, Mr Drummond is able to evoke massive power and emotion!


Check out Andrew’s website or Unearthed page to find out more.