This is a very experimental offering with various ideas explored in some uncanny ways. There is a mix of industrial sounds which are delivered in a laid back and ambient fashion. The result is something that is somewhat sharp and intense, yet calm and relaxing at the same time.

The EP opens with the droney sounds of Rex. As the track progress gradually builds up and down with a collection of tribal sounds coming in and out of the mix to make you feel like you are exploring some deep dark foreign land. These are all held together by some curio samples sounding like a backward message.

Alarm has both an ambient and industrial feel to it. The subtle textures allow the listener to drift into a spacey journey filled with soothing ambient vibes.

Rufus has a sharper feel to it with a much stronger beat and a more intense industrial feel.

The EP closes with the unnerving Wreck. The spooky sounds create a chilling errie feel while the space sounds give the song a certain extraterrestrial feel. This is the sort of song that would work perfectly as the soundtrack to a horror/thriller movie.

This is a very promising debut full of creativity and innovation. This is the sort of EP that may take a few listens and the right frame of mind to fully “get”. However once you get it  you’ll find something amazing.



Check out Hanetration’s bandcamp page to hear the EP.