Sydney four piece Lovers Jump Creek have burst onto the scene with this, their debut release, mixing elements of jazz, grunge, punk and various other styles they have produced a sound of their very own. Each track on offer has all the elements of a standard pop rock tune. At the same time they manage to implement all manner of sounds and experimentation into the background giving each track its own unique edge.

The EP opens with the fast rocking Half chubbed led by a powerful lead guitar and backed up with some furious drumming.

Ditty is a solid rock tune that mixes grungy riffs and catchy tunes. The music flows from being soft and bare to being heavier with each flowing together smoothly.

French Kiss is a hard hitting tune with some funky undertones. There are some great stoner rock-esq riffs giving the song a heap of energy and life. The slightly cheesy guitar solo towards the end is a nice touch that allows for a great big rock and roll finish!

The EP closes with the massive sounds of Shut up and touch me. The tune fuses elements of a rock ballad and a fast and gritty punk tune creating an unusual but brilliant sound. The great guitar solo towards the end ensures the record ends with a massive blast!

This is a great EP full of hard rocking riffs, catchy tunes and a whole range of interesting sounds and activity in the background of each track. Given it’s the band’s debut effort it shows a lot of promise for things to come!


To find out more about the band check out the webpage or their Unearthed page.