The Hurricane Heart Attacks are a new 2 piece from Buenos Aires. This is the bands first full length release offering 13 tracks full of psychedelic tunes mixes with a deep hazy atmosphere.


The band mixes elements of late 60s psychedelia with early 90s show gaze coming up with something sounding somewhere between early Pink Floyd and Ride. The music moves at a  slow, relaxed pace while exerting a deep thick haze that will memorize the listener. Underneath the haze is all manner of interest tunes coming in, out and subtly developing. This is all topped off with some deep vocals delivered in a very mellow and laid back fashion.

High has a great heavy sound that flows along topped with the relaxed but grungy vocals. Stupid girl sees the atmosphere pulled back allowing some eastern inspired sounds to shine through. El Radomante sees a subtle Latin / tango influence creep in while remaining slow and mellow. See you fall is a contrast to the rest of the album showing off a much faster and energetic blusey sound. Lady of the road sees the guitar pushed to the front of the sound creating a more rock orientated sound. The album closes with the 11 minute ambient and spacey Outro. The first 3 minutes consist of subtle ambient sounds with a collection of voice samples coming in from there creating a rather unusual and confronting finish to the record.

This is a great album that takes you on a laid-back psychedelic journey with all manner of sounds and textures along the way. As this is the band’s first album it shows a lot of promise of things to come!



Check out the band on bandcamp to hear songs from the album!