The Fabergettes are a new four piece mixing ’60s pop and garage rock sounds. Having only just formed they have already been met with acclaim winning FBi 94.5’s competition to play the Playground Weekender Festival and being played on Triple J. We caught up with lead singer Nat Martin!
Where did the name come from?

You know Faberge eggs? Seems a lot of people don’t. They are those ornate ostrich eggs decorated with precious metals and stones, designed by the House of Faberge. Combined with the classic girl group collective term “ettes” our name was born. Google has since educated us that a Fabergette is also a small perfume bottle. Who would have thunk it?

How and when did the band form?

One trashy night out later, a group of 8 girlfriends formed a band.
Sadly, not all members survived the big Girl Band Crash of early 2011.

Your music has a very ’60s vibe to it, where did this influence come from?As a predominantly girl band, we give a nod to the girl group greats of the 60s, while still maintaining a garage pop punks sound. We also share a love of vintage clothing. Our need for onstage outfits is the perfect excuse to feed our op shopping habit.

You started out playing cover versions, was it hard to make the transition to playing your own songs?

Playing cover songs helped us get on the same musical wave length. They were often tongue in cheek versions and gave us a good starting point to find our own sound. We have come a long way in terms of working on the structure of our originals and inter-band communication.
We now speak fluent Fabergette and have pretty much butchered any Italian musical terms we vaguely once used.

You’ve entered songs on Unearthed, has this had any impact on your music’s exposure?

Definitely. We whacked up a couple tunes on Unearthed, not thinking they would garner much attention. In about a week we had people all over the country contacting us. After being a Feature Artist it has made our music accessible to other states in Australia. We’re blown away by the positive response.

On your Unearthed page you have a bright poppy sing-a-long (Ding dong) and a darker more emotional piece (I cry), how do you other songs compare to these two?

We have some ultra 60s girl pop songs, some punkier and some surfier songs. Every song is quite different really, but still maintains a common energy.(As wanky as that sounds).

You’ve only just entered the music scene and already have received a lot of critical acclaim and had your music played on Triple J, what’s it like to get attention this quickly?

Every week it seems, there is some new and exciting opportunity that presents itself. It helps us get through our 9-5 full-time jobs and keeps life interesting.

Has the early acclaim made you feel any pressure when writing new music?

No, I just write whatever is in my head. I find the songs that write quickly are often the best. Maybe that’s because I have the attention span of a gnat.

What can people expect at your live shows?

Never a dull moment.

Are there any plans to release an album?

We would love to. Just need to raise some funds. Anyone want to shout us some cash??

When writing what comes first, the words or the music?

Definitely the music. The chords and melody come to me simultaneously, then the words I’ll jam in there after.
I usually start with gobbledygook words, then try and make lyrics that are a little more human.

Do you ever listen to your own music?

Only in the recording process. After mixing a song we generally get so sick of the track and only ever want to hear it live.

What music do you listen to?

The Vivian Girls, Modest Mouse, The Beatles, The Kinks, 5678s, The Breeders, Shonen Knife, Vivian Girls, Bikini Kill, Sylvia and Mickey and lots of local Aussie bands.

What do the Fabergettes have planned in 2012?

We just found out that we won FBi 94.5’s competition to play the Playground Weekender Festival! Playing alongside Chic and the Black Lips is pretty awesome. We’re also looking forward to our EP launch on March 9 @ Good God Small Club. See you there!

To find out more about the Fabergettes  check them out on Facebook or Unearthed .