Hamshire’s Tom Honey is back with the follow up album from his musical project Good weather for an airstrike. Mr Honey has picked up where he left off from his debut album with another 50 minutes of relaxing ambient sounds. The music slowly unfolds and develops over the ten tracks with a lot of subtle changes in the direction along the way. Each track flows into one another making this work more as a continuous piece rather than a collection of songs, indeed this is the sort of album that is best appreciated listening from start to finish in full much like Mike Oldfield’s early work. The music will slowly take over and lull you into a relaxing state and take you off on a spacey journey.

A major highlight to the album is the single Aurora. Staring out slow, soft and simple the music gradually develops with the various textures complementing each other to creating a breathtaking atmospheric soundscape.

Another standout is the the subtly melodic Another way out. This begins with slow and soft drones but gradually builds with some lovely guitar and piano sounds while the samples of thunder and rain add another solid layer of atmosphere.

This is an amazing record that has great power while being soft and subdued. The music is far from conventional and will require you to just sit back and let it flow over you. Those that do this will discover something truly beautiful!


Check out Good weather for an airstrike on Bandcamp or Facebook to find out more.