This is the latest EP from Melbourne 6-piece, the Tiger and me. On offer is a string of bleak but beautiful sounds with a banquet of instruments including violins, ukeleles, banjos and a piano accordion. These all complement each other brilliantly while providing a folky atmosphere throughout. These are topped off by amazing vocals delivering forcefully with huge amounts of emotion poured in.

The Smoke is soft and melancholy tune with a beautifully bleak vibe throughout the song. The duet vocals are delivered with immense power and with amazing emotion. The various instruments support the vocals brilliantly while giving the song some interesting background sounds. Red road has a minimalist sound with a piano and vocals being the only constant elements, yet this manages to paint a powerfully vivid picture.  Looking around sees the instruments flshed out more showing off their vibrant power and producing an amazing sound scape in the process.  Trick or truce sees the power and beauty of the music hit its climax, with each elements working together to create a moving soundtrack that adds atmosphere to the potently executed narrative lyrics.

This is a mighty collection of songs that will move even the most unemotional person. On offer is a comprehensive array of sounds and textures each complementing each other to create a bleak but beautiful atmosphere. The amazing vocals further enhance the music, full of emotion and strength they make the song charge along.


Check out the band’s webpage or Unearthed page to find out more.