This is the debut release from Canberra based outfit Lavers. Across the 5 tracks is a mellow rock sound with elements of Queen, Suede, and the Beatles mixed in. The band have the pop sound down pat with each track being full of energy and catchy tunes that are slickly produced. At the same time they manage to offer something that sounds fresh with various contrasting elements fitting together to create something new.

Blue rose has a solid indie pop sound with a good balance of catchy tunes and rocking vibes. Meet me at the merry-go-round is a  bright and smooth pop tune with some Beatle-esq elements mixed through. The contrasts of the slow mellow sounds and the bright vocals is really effective. Old fashioned girl sounds somewhere between Oasis and Queen with a solid rock vibe laced with some glammy elements. Cosmic ambulance has a late Beatles sound, start off sounding slow and slightly psychedelic it gradually builds up to a massive rock out. Tangled Up In Dreams is a catchy and up beat folk pop tune. The tunes are really poppy and catchy creating a great sing-a-long vibe. At the same time the descriptive lyrics paired with the vivid atmospheric sounds makes you feel like you are wandering the streets of London.

This is a very promising debut with each track being full of life and energy and slickly produced.


To find out more about Lavers check out their webpage.