Melbourne outfit The Bon Scotts are touring throughout February, March and into April to celebrate the release of the double A-side ‘Let’s Do What The Catholics Do | Here Comes Summer’. We caught up with the band to ask a few questions.

When you picked the name, did you ever think you’d be confused for an AC/DC cover band?

At the time we didn’t think about it. It was a bit of a stab at all the kid bands that were ripping of Iggy Pop at the time. Never really imagined that we would doing so much under the banner. It is a bit of fun, and outside of death threats locally, we have never had problems.

The Bon Scotts are a seven piece, is it hard to work with that many members?

Not at all. There is 8 of us now, the horn player who did everything on the album is touring with us too. Sometimes people probably wish they had more influence, but autocracies were never meant for that.

 Your music combines a lot of instruments including  accordion, mandolin, cello, keys, drums, guitars, how do you get all the elements to work together?

We do a lot of balancing, both in the studio and out. A lot of the time I think it is more about when not to play, than what to play. Everything needs dynamics, and I think we are alright at shaping the movement between each song and show.

Who is the character on the front cover of the album?

Bono as a fat batman, trying to save the world one Oprah slogan at a time. Behind him stands the world of pop politicans and political celebrities. Since we released the album, three people we used on the cover have died. Gillard is on there standing next to Kate Moss. I am sure the world would morn them both if they passed on. Luckily, Robocop will never die.

There are also a lot of famous people in the background of the cover, how did you pick who would appear on the cover?

I am not sure. I guess it was a balance between who we are influenced by, ie Bieber and the cuddly guy from Where the Wild Things Are and Our Political Heros like Gaddafi, Lenin and Sarkozy. Their are also all the people who are consider truelly beautiful on the inside like Hilton and Lohan. The rest are super heros and villains that are under threat from CGI.

Is the video for Kids in counterfeit meant to be an attack on CGI?

We have always done our vids in Stop Motion, it is a great medium and the artist who did them is nothing short of brilliant… But the use of planes and so forth attacking the nature of man could be seen as an attack of CGI’s way of life I guess.

Was it hard to put the video together?

Yeah, the clips are damn hard and this one was certainly the strangest. The artist ended up in hospital with septicaemia after the fibre glass went into her hand. It was really scary, she almost lost a part of her hand and finger. She has some serious scars to prove it… Each clip takes about three months. A month for sets, 6 – 7 weeks for filming and then editing. We worked together on all of them and as rewarding as they are… Next time I think we will just get thin girls to dance half naked infront of green screens… works for hip hop.

Your facebook description says “Currently, we are back in the recording studio to capture our discontent with the world”, what parts of the world are you discontent with?

That certainly should be updated. Currently, we are not discontent, but always in the studio. What is their to be discontent about. We live in a morally devine world and we are the richest we have ever been. Our political leaders are concerned about serious issues, not just swing voters, media and mining moguls. Serious grass roots movements are not squashed by vague laws and I never get pulled over for fitting the description of a hoon when driving the tour car. We have smart meters being installed, so no longo do meter men have to come to our house and pry on our children. Soccer has finally become interesting… Thanks Egypt, and we are about to go on tour to places where the beaches are not poisonous.

You’ve entered songs from the album on the Unearthed website, as well as on soundcloud, and, has putting your music on these sites had an impact on its coverage?

No idea. I imagine with all swarms of bands using the same sites, you do get lost in amongst the rubble. Someone told me the other day 30000 bands use unearthed. is a corrupt pay to promote service that major labels have completely hijacked. Soundcloud must be worried about SOPA and at the end of the day, I think good reviews, postering and press still accounts for much more. But playing good shows and word of mouth is always going to be king.

Do you ever listen to your own music?

I listen while I work on it, but once it is mastered, I prefer not to. I like the idea that it is finished and listening always makes you want to change things. I know the other guys do listen to it a bit, but mainly to relearn their parts.

What music do you listen to?

A lot of Hauschka, Wolf Parade and Beach Boys at the moment. I am always listening to Chris Clark, efterklang and Cohen.

You’re about to tour Australia, what can fans expect from your show?

We have a hell of a lot of fun on tour and the shows really reflect that. We play as an 8 piece when the stage permits, and although we mostly play acoustic instruments, we make a lot of noise. We are excited to be heading out again and I am sure our show will reflect that.

 What do you plan on doing after the tour?

We are going to start recording episode three to cash in on the franchise.


16/2/2012 – The Gov – HINDMARSH

17/2/2012 – The Wheatsheaf – ADELAIDE

19/2/2012 – Glenelg Surf Club – GLENELG

24/2/2012 – The Joynt – BRISBANE

25/2/2012 – Solbar – SUNSHINE COAST

w/ The Good Ship

2/3/2012 – The Barwon Club – GEELONG

3/3/2012 – The Bended Elbow – BALLARAT

4/3/2012 – The Cosmopolitan Hotel – TRENTHAM

9/3/2012 – The Newmarket Hotel – BENDIGO

10/3/2012 – The Toff in Town – MELBOURNE

w/ Tessa & The Typecast and Yeo

23/3/2012 – Valla Beach Tavern – VALLA BEACH

25/3/2012 – The Rails Hotel – BYRON BAY

29/3/2012 – Manly Boat Shed – MANLY

30/3/2012 – The Vanguard – SYDNEY

w/ Timothy Nelson & The Infidels

31/3/2012 – The Grand Junction Hotel – MAITLAND

1/4/2012 – The Brass Monkey – CRONULLA