God Pollutes is a musical project originating from Skopje, Macedonia, this is the latest offering from the project consisting of all sorts of ambient and industrial sounds that float by and flow into one another.This is very much an exploration into sounds with various ideas and styles trialed along the way. The music moves at a slow and laid back pace drifting off in various directions. There is no real structure to the music but rather a stream of ideas floating amongst each other.

The album opens with the laid back ambiance of April is bus month. The music moves slowly and gradually builds in depth with various sounds flowing in. Introvert starts off with some odd cluttering sounds before breaking out into a huge ball of guitar distortion.  Leaving Praha is a soft and endearing offering with slight sounds fading in and out over 8 minutes. The music is quite laid back and simple but creates a great relaxed atmosphere. Out With the Headphones has a sharp industrial sound, reminiscent of the works of Einsturzurzende Neubauten.The album closes with the smooth and chilled out sounds of Vienna.

This is a great offering filled with interesting soundscapes taking you on an epic journey with all sorts of uncanny experiences along the way. This isn’t the sort of music that you should think to much about but rather lay back and let the sounds flow over you. It may not be the most conventional music around but those open to new and unusual sounds will find something amazing in Introverted Kosmonaut.


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