We Yes You No are a band where each release they come up with something new and unusual, this EP is no exception.

This release has a much more bare feel compared with their Details EP. There is less background chaos with more focus on Mr Paul’s vocals and only a few instruments going at any time. As a result this EP has a somewhat different sound to the band’s previous works. Nevertheless, there is still the overall style that is unmistakeably We Yes You No. Each song takes off in various directions over its duration making for an unpredictable but exciting journey. The music here has a childlike charm with what sounds like toy instruments floating in and out of the sound.

The EP opens with the curious tune, Once in a lifetime. Beginning with what sounds like a toy piano it maintains a certain bare and childlike feel to it throughout. Algerbra has a dark errier feel while being amazingly catchy at the same time, with the two contrasts working really well. Mr Paul’s deep vocals flow along with the tunes brilliantly. Tides and lows has a soft and sweet tune sounding like an electronic version of the Eels. Starting with a cute synch sound it moves around to become a  Syd Barrett-esq anthem at the end.

On this release We Yes You No have continued their journey through unusual sounds and styles and have managed to push their musical boundaries even further. A strange mix of contrasting elements this EP certainly is, but they make it all work with exceptional charm and flair!


Check out the band’s webpage or bandcamp page to find out more, or listen to songs from the EP on the player below.