This is the third full length release from French shoegaze rockers Alcest.  On this release Alcest have moved slightly away from the heavy black metal style and focused more on atmospheric sounds and textures. The result is music with vivid imagery that will take you far away and feel as if you are on an epic journey through a foreign and unknown land. Most of the tracks span well over 5 minutes allowing various ideas to be fully explored and fully realised. There are some subtle metal elements amongst the sound which create a solid backbone to the sound without taking over from the . Neige’s soft but powerful vocals fit in perfectly to subtly lead the music along without being dominating or overshadowing the musics beauty.

The album opens with the dreamy Autre temps. The dense layering of sounds creates a surrounding haze as the song moves in a slow yet energetic fashion. Là Où Naissent Les Couleurs Nouvelles sees the energy levels picked up a little. The music moves along with a slow dreamy feel while backed with some subtle punk rock elements in the background. The various elements working off each other beautifully. The title track works as its own epic journey within a journey, spanning over 7 minutes there is everything from slow ambient textures to aggressive rock all of which is held together with an amazing hazy wall of sound. Beings of light is a solid instrumental offering beginning with soft echoing celestial voices before blasting out with a fast heavy metal sounds. The album closes with the heavy shoegazey offering Summer’s Glory. Packed with energy and passion this closes the album on a great high!

This is an amazing album that takes you on an epic journey! Over the 8 tracks Alcest have continued to push musical boundaries looking for new sounds and styles to uncover and not only discovering them but showing them off with exceptional flair!


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