Sydney’s Iluka (the artist otherwise known as Nikki Thorburn) is back with another handful of jazzy folk tunes. Across the 5 tracks Iluka shows off her gorgeous voice that is full of life and emotion pulling off upbeat and dark vibes effortlessly. The jazzy soundtrack complements her voice well to create a lively sound full of interest quirks along the way.

The title track is a really cool jazzy offering full of life and colour. The tunes are really catchy and backed up with a groovy baseline. Iluka’s beautiful vocals tap around playfully to follow the tunes and enhance the overall charm of the song.

Day too soon continues the bright vibe. Iluka pours a heap of energy into her voice to produce something that is heartfelt but also very bright and cheerful. This is backed up a really cool bass line that adds a groovy edge to the sound.

Family tree is a much darker affair. Iluka putting a heap of emotion into her much quieter vocal delivery backed with a slower melancholic soundtrack. The result is something dark but quite touching and beautiful.

The mood soon picks up again with the lighthearted Chase the summer. There’s a casual, laid back feel here making you feel like you are far away on a summer holiday.

The EP closes with the slower, striped back This is how a heart beat goes. Iluka’s whispered vocals paired with a minimalist sound create a bleak but powerful offering.

This is yet another great release from Iluka that sees her show off her vocal strength and creativity all delivered with a heap of passion and emotion. This is a new artist that is well worth keeping an eye on as there is no doubt more great things to come!


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