Following their second single Sweet Decline, Sydney 5 piece Sound of Seasons have begun their Road Rats and Maniacs tour around Australia. We caught up with the band to ask them a few questions.
How and when did you form?
The core of the group has been together for years now and was looking to start something new after a previous band came to an end. We’ve been playing together as Sound of Seasons since November 2010.
Where did the name Sound of Seasons come from?
The name Sound of Seasons emphasizes the meaning behind the music. We chose the name as we wanted to have a sound or a style of music that would withstand all four seasons; metaphorically saying, having a style that could last forever.
What made you choose Sweet Decline as your second single?
Sweet Decline is a song that was always well received live. It only felt natural we choose it as a second single as it had already had a positive response and would be the track we would be most proud of releasing at this moment in time.
Where did the inspiration of the Sweet Decline video come from?
The concept of the song comes from a very personal experience and was inspired by the anger and mixed emotions that came as a result.We channeled this concept into the video with the idea of a creator and his creations. The conflict between the two is shown in the video and you get an grasp of where the inspiration of the song came from – being under a ‘spell’ and being controlled by someone until you realize life is better beyond their control.
You released Sweet Decline as an iTunes single, do you think there is a trend towards releasing music digitally rather than in hard copy form?
Definitely, the Internet has had such a huge impact not only on the music industry but on society in general. Sadly it seems CDs will be a thing of the past soon. Music can be accessed so easily online why would anyone want to leave their house to go buy music when it’s all available at the click of a button. There are pros and cons on the topic but ultimately it allows our music to be shared and exposed anywhere in the world; one click of a
button – amazing!
You’ve already received a fair amount of acclaim with a heap of positive gig reviews and your first video shown on rage, does this success make you feel any pressure when writing new music?
Not at all, we are proud and very fortunate to have come this far in so little time. In terms of writing, first and foremost we write music for ourselves. We have never written for the sole purpose of satisfying others. The music we write and play is music we enjoy and if others take to it and enjoy it too;  great! It’s very rewarding when people tell us they love our music as much as we enjoy writing and playing it.
Are there any plans to release an album?
We plan to release our Debut EP early/mid 2012
You’ve just started the Road Rats and Maniacs tour, how has that gone so far?
Fantastic! The response we’ve been getting has been overwhelming. We’re touring with Sienna Skies and Built On Secrets (two of our favorite Aussie bands). We’ve been hanging out spending time with those guys whilst road tripping around the countryside and playing shows; dream come true!
You’ve entered some of your songs on Triple J’s Unearthed site, has this had any impact on your music’s exposure?
Certainly! We’ve had a number of people say they’ve found us via Unearthed. It’s a great tool for unsigned Aussie acts to use for greater exposure and potential airplay.
When writing songs what comes first, the music of the lyrics?
Music generally comes first. We find it easier to write lyrics when there’s already a stable foundation of music.
What are your main musical influences? 
As a group we are influenced by many different artists and genres. Lyrically, we write from varying perspectives but at the same time from events that happen to occur in our personal lives – if we’ve lived through it we’ll write about it!
Do you ever listen to your own music?
Yes. We’re not ashamed to admit it. We’re proud of what we have written so why would we not want to listen to it? Like we said, we write music for our own personal satisfaction.
What other music do you listen to?
Collectively we have a wide range of musical taste. Ranging from dance, hip hop/R&B, rock, jazz, hardcore.
What do you plan on doing after the tour?
Post Road Rats Tour we plan to take a few weeks off over Christmas and concentrate on writing for the EP.
Sound of Seasons are currently touring round the east coast of Australia as part of the Road Rats & Maniacs Tour. Check out the band’s website or facebook page to find out more.