This is the latest EP from Melbourne originated and currently US based three piece goodbyemotel. The band infuse elements of Intepol, Placebo and Sonic Youth to produce a tight rock sound with some dark post punk and hazy shoegaze vibes mixed in. The result is a solid set of tight and energetic tunes topped with some catchy riffs!

Redroom is a fast paced and energetic rock tune sounding somewhere between Placebo and Interpol. Wish your way is a slower indie pop style tune. As the song progresses it develops a solid shoegazer haze to it giving it a nice layer of atmosphere and depth. Remember has a dark post punk feel to it with energetic outbursts at the chorus. The solid baseline keeps the song together and gives it a nice edge. The EP closes with the energetic indie rock offering Burning since Sunday.

This is a solid EP with each track having a lot of energy and a great poppy vibe to it. The band manage to mix various elements together with each part fitting together nicely to create a great sound of their own!



Check out the band’s website or Unearthed page to find out more.