Wedlock put out an electronic sounds in the vein of Moby or Orbital. There is a heap of energy packed into the music while at the same time there is a certain dark atmospheric vibe creating set of danceable tunes that are deep and confronting at the same time.

Witness is a smooth dance tune with a groovy beat that keeps the song tight and poppy, at the same time there are heavy and dark undertones to the tune which are amplified by Paul Allgood’s delivering sharp lyrics in a confronting fashion. Octagonal(A.D.’s A Star) is a spacey instrumental. There is a general chilled sound throughout with some curious experimental industrial detours along the way.  +/- is a more aggressive tune with a heavier sound and Paul Allgood providing a harsher vocal delivery.    St is a more industrial offering that sees Paul Allgood sign a duet with Bryanna Rain. Bryanna Rain’s goth-like vocals further add to the intensity and bleak atmosphere of the tune. They never really allowed it to work is an interesting documentary style piece with samples of the band’s previous songs followed by a sample of Paul Allgood discussing the music.

This is a solid EP with some groovy chilled out tunes that have a heavy confronting edge to them. The band pour in a heap of passion into their craft with the result being some poppy likable tunes that have a certain atmospheric depth and confronting edge. If you liked the early works of Moby or Orbital then this is a band worth checking out!


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