Adelaide’s electro pop 5 piece, the Killgirls have just launched their latest EP, Animal. We caught up with Mario Spate from the band to ask him about the latest EP and the band’s music in general.

Where did the name The Killgirls come from?

You know, it’s a funny thing naming a band… it’s a little bit like coming up with the title for a book before you’ve written it. Rather than bore you for a paragraph let’s just go with – It sounded cool.

How did the band form?

Have you ever seen the Goonies? It went a little something like that.

You’ve just launched your latest EP, how will it compare with your previous EP?

With ‘Animal’ we really wanted to sharpen and define our sound and delivery. We were all feeling much clearer about what/who the band was. When you first start writing for a record you feel like your standing in front of a blank canvas and you just have to let yourself try things for a bit. I find that the hardest part, the uncertainty of it. Then after a while you start to notice patterns, things that work, things you like… We put a lot of care into the energy and flow of the record, we took our time. I hope that comes across when people listen to it.

You’ve already had a lot of acclaim from your debut EP, did this make you feel any pressure when putting the latest offering out?

There was acclaim? They must have sent that shit to the wrong address or something… I don’t even know if I like that EP…

For me, I think there’s always some pressure involved in writing a record but 99% of that comes directly from myself. I really love music. I want to make great music. I fail often at this but I am good at turning the page and starting again. I’m proud of what we’ve made and I’m looking forward playing it live for people.

When writing do you think about what you want a song to sound like or work it out as you go?

It changes all the time… the one constant is that you hardly ever end up where you start out. Sometimes I would be in my car, listening to the radio and hear this part of a song that I really liked the feeling or energy of. I wasn’t going to be home for another few hours to write it down so I kept singing it to myself in my head over and over. When I finally got home it had morphed into something completely different. It had become it’s own thing. It’s the way music has changed and grown since it began. You take something you like, you change it and pass it on.

What was it like to play at Parklife?

Have you ever seen the Goonies? It went a little something like that… no really, it was a lot of fun. We had a dancing Astronaut with us on stage and a really great crowd. Parklife is one of our favorite festivals, the vibe is amazing.

Do you prefer playing festivals or gigs where you’re the main act?

We will let you know if we ever get to make the comparison!

Are there any festivals you want to play at but are yet to?

If we could, we would play them all! Touring rules.

 How do your live shows compare to your recorded work?

We really put a huge amount of energy into making sure that when people come to see us live it’s worth it! A live show should be just that, A SHOW. Not a bunch of people looking cool and staring at their shoes. If you come to our show expect to get a little sweaty with us. If you’re too worried about getting your new hipster t-shirt dirty, please, stay home.

You’ve posted the first single from the EP (and tracks from your previous EP) on Triple J’s Unearthed page, has this had any impact on your music’s exposure? 

Yes, getting played on the radio helps!

What’s the Adelaide music scene like?

You know, Adelaide is a great place to make music, there are a few bands/musicians/producers here that are absolutely killing it at the moment.

Also, if I was living in Melbourne or Sydney I’d have a quarter of the money to spend on making music. Cheaper rent = less time spent working a soul destroying job = more time for music. Adelaide wins.

Do you ever listen to your own music?

Only when I masturbate.

What music do you listen to?

Recently I’ve been listening a lot to M83’s new record… cant really stop, Bon Iver, The Naked & Famous, Crystal Castles, Nero, Die Antwoord, Das Racist… the new Battles record… some Brian Eno…  what about you?

Tomtrax’s response: Every artist that has been featured on this site!

Now that the EP is released, what do the Killgirls plan on doing next?

Party like it’s 1999.

To hear more check out the bands website or Unearthed page.