Tribute albums are always a hit and miss affair. Sadly this latest Pink Floyd tribute album falls mostly in the miss area.The majority of the songs on offer are little more than low quality carbon copies of the originals with little to no creative interpretations added.

There is a wide range of Pink Floyd songs covered in the album. Songs span from Pink Floyd’s hits such as Money covered by The Pineapple Thief to more obscure tunes such as The Nile Song (from the soundtrack to the film More) covered by The Panthers and Meddle’s Fearless covered by Low. Unfortunately in each case the songs are so similar to the original versions that they sound like they were performed by a Pink Floyd cover band.  And in the case of Shine on you crazy diamond covered by the Australian Pink Floyd Show, it actually was performed by a cover band. As a result the album becomes rather dull and pointless and providing no reason to listen to it instead of listening to Pink Floyd playing their music.

There are a few strong songs on offer. Kylesa put forward a brilliant interpretation of Set the controls for the heart of the sun. Using their metal style they bring out a version that is much heavier and louder than the original while maintaining the original’s psychedelic charm. Queensrÿche put forward a bigger and more aggressive sound in their version of Welcome to the machine. Thom Yorke does an okay job with Sparklehorse putting out a more laid back and melancholy version of Wish You Were Here.

This is quite an ordinary tribute album that does little more than regurgitate songs in their original form.  While there are some strong moments the majority falls flat in a rather dull affair. If you are interested in hearing alternative versions of Pink Floyd classics, this isn’t the album to get! Instead you’d be better off getting the Experience editions of the band’s back catalogue currently being released.