Lily Louise is a singer/songwriter from the South Coast of New South Wales.  She has just released her debut CD Falling on the leaves that followed which offers a mix of moving sounds, thought provoking lyrics and passionate vocals! We caught up with Lily to ask her about her music!

What made you want to be a musician?
I can’t say if anything specific made me want to be a musician, I more look at it as I am a musician. I love music and I love making music, and I think I always will.

When did you write your first song?
The first proper song I wrote is actually on my album, (it’s called So Small) and I wrote it when I was about 13.

What’s it like to have your debut album out?
It’s wonderful.

Is there any reason you play solo rather than as part of a band?
At the moment, it’s easier to write and perform my own songs by myself, because it’s flexible and also I feel like my songs are 100% me.

Is it hard to write arrange and play all the instruments yourself?
No, I love it, it’s all about creating something that is all my own.

What’s your favorite instrument to play?
I play a bit of guitar, a bit of piano and I’m learning cello at the moment. But guitar is generally my instrument of choice because it’s portable.

Is there any instrument you’ve wanted to play but haven’t yet?
Well, the answer to that question was the cello, which I really wanted to learn how to play, but now I am so I’m pretty content at the moment.

Where did the name ‘Falling and the leaves that followed’ come from?
It’s a bit of a line from my song ‘Below’, and I picked it as my album title because it seemed to have a nice ring to it and it’s kind of random, so maybe for different people it means different things.

Was it hard to pick what songs went onto the album?

Across the songs you cover themes around death, religion and war, where do you get your inspiration behind your lyrics?
I think because I’m just teetering on the edge of childhood and adulthood, I can look at things with both eyes; being serious, or profound, and being honest and more simple. We’re all just one in seven billion and for me, writing songs is my way of giving myself a voice.

You’re also able to create vivid imagery through your lyrics, is this hard to achieve?
Not really, often lyrics just appear out of the blue. I love using my lyrics to paint pictures and tell stories and voice my opinions. I also like being metaphorical, because what means something significant to me might mean something completely different for someone else; we all interprate things differently.

What was the inspiration behind the video for Below?
I made it by taking a whole lot of photos of scenes I created with paper and light, and pieced it all together to tell the story. I don’t know what inspired it, I think I got the idea for the video while I was piecing together my album cover, using images of trees and leaves that seemed to fit the song. Also, I wanted a video that was a bit whimsical, so I used drawings to give it a childish feel. At the same time the song is kind of about winter, it’s a little dark, so I explored these themes and just experimented and combined all my ideas together for the video!

You entered two of your songs on Triple J’s Unearthed site, has this had any impact on your music’s exposure?
Yes definitely, the Unearthed site has been really good for getting my music out there. I’ve got a lot of good feed back from it.

Do you ever listen to your own music?
Not really.

What music do you listen to?
I love all kinds of music, especially Australian; Seeker Lover Keeper, Angus and Julia Stone, and I’ve always been a big fan of The Cat Empire. I think we have some really inspirational artists and bands in Australia at the moment, but I tend to listen to all kinds of music. I love ‘old music’ too; The Beatles, Joni Mitchell. I think older music is fantastic because it always feels so fresh, like what was being done at the time had never been done before.

Now that your album is out, what do you plan on doing next?
I just want to get it out there, and keep writing songs and growing as an artist. My journey has just begun, and it’s pretty exciting.

To hear Lily Louise’s music check out her Facebook or Unearthed page.