This is the debut offering from NSW’s Lily Louise and it’s one to get very excited about!

There is a comprehensive banquet of sounds with Lily playing a range of instruments.  The various elements all complement each other to create a vibrant atmosphere that surrounds the listener and takes them to somewhere far away. The powerful music is complemented with phenomenal lyrics!  The words are well crafted to tell stories with vivid imagery and a clever use of metaphors.   These are delivered with amazing vocals full of passion, emotion and above all powerful precision!  Lily’s voice covered a range of styles from a short and sharp delivery to more breathy sounds to fit in with the soundtrack.

The album opens with The hunter, a powerfully chilling tune with country and indie elements mixed in. There’s some great atmosphere here making you feel like you are out in the bush in the middle of the night being hunted down.
Autumn Ode is a breathtaking indie/folk tune that takes you on an epic journey through the cold! The music slowly builds to surround the listener to create a chilly atmospheric sound scape. There is a fair range of musical elements by the end with each part fitting in perfectly to complement each other.
Religiously is a more simple pop song. The song is full of thought provoking lyrics that are delivered in a sweet and chirpy manner.
Miya’s song is a powerful offering with lyrics so descriptive that you feel like you are out by the sea just by listening to Lily’s words!
Below is a major highlight to the release.  The leading piano creates a dark chilling vibe which is compounded by powerfully bleak words delivered with a bleak but solid voice.

This is an amazing release with every song possessing power and beauty.  There is a brilliant mix of moving sounds, thought provoking lyrics and passionate vocals!  The quality of this album is utterly incredible!


To hear Lily Louise’s music check out her Facebook or Unearthed page.