The Bloodpoets received a heap of critical acclaim across the country for their debut album Polarity, being a featre artist on Triple J’s Unearthed site and their single Dance making it to #3 in 4ZzZFM’s Hot 100.  The Brisbane outfit  are back with their latest EP Wings. We caught up with Tom Murphy  and Bec Plath to ask them some questions. 

Where did the name The Bloodpoets come from?

The name originated from Tom jamming with his brothers: blood (brothers), poets (songwriters)…the name stuck with Tom as he traveled and played music, so when he came back to Australia to form a band, it was the obvious name for him.

You are all involved in various music projects, is it hard to juggle everything?

I guess it’s the same with anything, like balancing working and a social life, it’s all about planning! Bec’s work is the easiest as she tours around while the Bloodpoets are in between tours, so it all seems to work out. It’s also good for us to be involved in different sounding acts, keeps us creative.

What was it like to be #3 in the 4ZzZFM Hot 100 last year?

That was a huge honour. We are big fans of 4ZzZ and what they do to support local music, especially Brisbane music, and also the fact that their listeners vote the songs in…it’s nice to know that we’ve got the support out there.

Given the large success you had did you feel any pressure when putting your latest EP together?

We were really excited putting this EP together as from the last album’s production to the ‘Wings’ EP production, there were some changes in the lineup. We felt ‘Wings’ truly represented us as a group, and that all of our musical influences and stylings can be heard.

What made you decide to release an EP as opposed to a full length album this time round?

We wanted to get something out in a timely fashion off the back of ‘Polarity’, and being a completely independent band, we do have financial restraints. So an EP was what we came out with for now, but there’s definitely a new album in the works, hopefully by next year.

What was the inspiration for the Sunny Day video?

The focal storyline is the story behind the song, about being a bit of a hermit and hiding away, while you’re friends are all outside having a great time. The filmmakers took a little creative liberty and came up with a great fantastical addition with the shark, bear and robot characters.

Will the guys in the shark, bear and robot suits be making any future appearances?

Hahaha, I’ve actually had someone ask where they can get a bear suit like what was used in the clip. You never know, might be a merch opportunity down the track?

Your facebook page said your second album has been written, when is it planned to be released?

Next year, hopefully. It will depend on boring things like money, but also, we want to jam out the songs a bit more and make sure we’ve taken them to their limits. There will be a new single from it coming out before March.

How will the music on the next album compare to what you’ve put out so far?

We’re definitely keeping the diversity, that’s something that we’ve become known for, and I think it really reflects all of our diverse tastes and playing of our instruments. We’re taking some of the songs more down the grungey sides of things too.

Your music explores various styles and sounds, is it hard to get the different elements to fit together?

I think that comes from our different upbringings on our instruments, for instance Jake has a jazz background on bass and Bec has a classical background on piano and voice, so bringing those elements together with respect and listening to each other, seems to work out harmoniously. We all have great respect for bands like Radiohead and take great influence in how diverse they are as a band, so I would think that has some impact as well.

You’ve entered your songs on the Unearthed site, has this had any impact on the bands exposure?

Unearthed was how we got our first break with ‘Borderline’. Richard Kingsmill picked up the song from there and since then we have had 6 songs now played on Triple J. This has snowballed all the support slots we’ve played over the last couple of years too, so it’s definitely helped us out a lot.

Do you ever listen to your own music?

We do whilst we’re demoing and mixing…it’s a really important exercise, as the more you listen to it, the more you notice about the intricacies, things that can be developed, etc. But in a recreational sense, not so much. It’s like looking at yourself in the mirror, kind of just way too personal and creepy.

What music do you listen to?

Some of our favourite bands are: Biffy Clyro, Muse, Radiohead, The Beatles, Faith No More, Regurgitator, The Cure, Placebo and Tool.

What do you have planned, after the Sunny Day tour?

We’re heading into the studio to start work on the album! You have any name suggestions?

To hear songs off the EP check out The Bloodpoets on Unearthed  or Facebook.