This is the debut album from hip-hop duo LHA.  It’s a very promising offering full of potential.  There are all sorts of groovy sounds going on with a chilled out vibe throughout. The music explores elements of hip-hop, jazz, reggae and disco with a smooth overall vibe making progression from each style seamless.

The album opens with the smooth and chilled out Rise up.  There’s a very groovy vibe here as the music slowing flows along.  New world is a really cool jazzy piece. The mix of piano and saxophone gives the song a massive ball of life while the overall production is very slick creating an infectiously poppy sound. 
Sound of music
continues this vibe with a smooth groovy vibe going on throughout the sound. Diolita’s gutsy vocals complement the song nicely.
Sun is shining
is a bright disco orientated tune that is full of energy and beats that makes you want to get up and dance! 
Keep on moving
is a solid hip hop offering with some solid rapping, catchy beats and some subtle reggae undertones.
Everything is a very chilled out soul offering, its deep sounds lull the listener into a state of relaxation. Let you go provides a contrast to the rest of the record with a dark and heavy rock sounds paired with some grim and confronting rapping.

This is a very solid debut release.  The duo are able to get out a very groovy sound that fuses various musical sounds and styles with each fitting together nicely. This is an duo worth looking out for in the future!


Check out the band’s website to find out more.