Former Butterfinger’s front man Evil Eddie is back with his second solo single.  In addition to the lead track are 3 outstanding b-sides that and a solid remix making.

The lead track is a full on rock affair! The track is armed with some clever and amusing (if not somewhat confronting) lyrics delivered with the gusto of a revolutionary anthem!  In it for the money is an even heavier track packed with raging energy.  The distorting guitars give the song a massive raw grunge feel that is complemented by Eddie’s deep vocals.  Unsustainable object is a cool hip-hop orientated instrumental complete with some all manner of scratching and samples sounding like a more energetic version of the Avalanches. Fuck a war is a full on assault packed with potent lyrics that are rapped with angst and passion making is a powerful anti-war anthem!  The single closes with a jazzy remix of de-sex your ex.

This sees Evil Eddie at his best!  He manages to pack a heap of energy in each of the tracks while also showing his ability to deliver lyrics from sharp humor to confronting passion.  This is one of those few singles that is worth purchasing in addition to the album!


Check out Evil Eddie’s website to find out more!