This is the debut full length release from Brisbane’s Davey Spicer & the Creatures of Habit. The 10 tracks explore various elements of rock with everything from ska to metal covered. The various styles are pulled off well with each track being packed with energy and atmosphere.

The album blasts open with the funking rocking Waste of beautiful, sounding like Lenny Kravis mixed with the Hoodoo Gurus.  Sinner/Saint sees the music become even rawer with a furious punk rock sound.  Bad dream has a ska/reggae sound, the music groves along with some cool and smooth tunes.  Primitive is a fast paced song that races through acting as a great pub rock sing-a-long.

The Avalanche is a much slower offer with some heavy metal undertones sounding like Tool’s softer moments.  The slightly distorting guitars create a solid dark atmosphere which is backed up with some active drumming.  Mudslide continues the dark vibes but picks up some chaotic pace along the way to have a solid post-punk sound.  Shutdown has a shoe gazer feel to it while also having a dark and melancholy atmosphere to it.

The album closes with the dark yet grungy Stupid as you are vein.  The cool baseline gives the song a great funky feel while the heavy guitars give off a heap of depth to the sound.

This is a great collection of songs covering a range of sounds and styles with each pulled off with great flair.  There are no dull moments making this a solid rock album with a lot of power and variety.


Check out the band’s Unearthed page or myspace page to find out more.