Airless Project is the brain child of Macedonian bedroom-electronic musician Vladimir Mitreski.  This is his latest release, full of experimental sounds and chilled out vibes.  This is the sort of music you need to sit back, relax and let it the music flow.  Each of the eight instrumental tracks takes you on an experimental journey with various sounds flowing in and out.


The album opens with the experimental You’re not my shrink, consisting of various spacey sounds backed with some industrial drum beats.  

Untitled has a laid back ambient feel that allows you to sit back and relax while feel like you are being taken on some intergalactic journey at the same time.

Beauty fades opens with some organ type sounds with some strange percussion tunes fading in as the track progresses.  This creates a strange eerie vibe making you feel like you are wondering round some haunted house.

Dogmatic entities starts out with some simple sounds before gradually building a wall of sound that surrounds the listener.

Triggering mixed states at random times contrasts soft chilled out music with an energetic drum beat, with the two creating an engaging vibe that gradually builds in intensity before dropping off into some hazy electronic distortion.

The album closes with My entropy is well deserved. In most parts this is a soft and slow offering with occasional detours along the way.


This is quite a nice collection of ambient instrumental tunes.  Each track is quite chilled out giving off a relaxed vibe while also having a heap of activity throughout.  As a result this works as the perfect album to wind down to!


Check out the Airless Project’s bandcamp to hear songs from Dopamine Entities.