This is album number two from the UK’s Invisible Elephant. Over the ten tracks the music varies from being soft laid back and chilled out  to being full on and aggressive. The various contrasts and twists work well to complement each other while also taking the listener of an epic and at times unpredictable journey.  The music has a rough and ready feel to it, however this is what gives the music its edge and makes it so engaging.

Everything is a soft but engaging indie tune reminiscent of The Antlers or the Primitive Radio Gods. The music starts soft and quiet as it gradually creeps up and surrounds the listener with a hazy atmosphere and some breathy vocals hidden amongst the sounds.

Wish is a beautiful acoustic tune that is topped off by some lovely echoy vocals courtesy of Spain-based American singer Ryly.

When it’s all over is a chilling dark tune that makes you feel you are in a dark uninhabited house. The whispered vocals and various background sounds add to the effect to create a powerfully eerie atmosphere. The sounds gradually build over the 7 minutes to become a massive blast of energy towards the end.

Do you believe is an interesting mix of smooth jazzy sounds in the verses and heavy shoe gaze vibes in the chorus, the two contrasts complementing each other and allowing the differences to shine brightly.

Black sound is a heavy back-metal influenced piece that packs a heap of distortion and grunt in to create a very loud and aggressive sound.

The album closes with the soft acoustic tune Marrakech Street Scene which acts as a great warm down after an epic journey.

This is a great album full of innovative sounds and a great mix of energetic blasts and soft vibes.  It is the sort of album that may take a few listens to really get but it’s well worth the effort. With all manner of different sounds and vibes interweaved into the finished product, it’s also the sort of album you can listen to over and over and hear something new each time.


Anomie or Swimming in a Black Sea is being released on the  Two Hands Music record label.  Check out the label’s online store or bandcamp page to find out more.