Almost a decade and a half since their untimely split, The Clouds have returned and will be playing alongside Jesus Jones and the Wonder Stuff.  We caught up with bass player and vocalist Tricia Young to ask her about the upcoming shows and her activities since the band’s breakup.

What inspired you to reform The Clouds?

Stuart (Eadie, original drummer) and I were talking about it, and unfortunately Stu isn’t involved this time around, but maybe an occasion will arise in the future when he will be.

You’ll be playing along side Jesus Jones and the Wonder stuff, what can fans expect from your set?

Oldies and goodies! Near hits and just misses, as we like to call them. The gold, the silver, the bronze and the lead.

Whats it like to return as The Clouds after a long break?

Don’t know yet as far as being in front of an audience is concerned, but it’s been fun in the rehearsal room. It’s nice to see each other again.

These shows have been described as a nostalgia trip, do you feel any nostalgia from playing together again?

Well, if you mean a fondness for times past, then yes and no. It’s funny how the songs seemed to all just come back to us, but we’re all different people now, and we’re bringing different things to the whole experience. Having said that – Raph hasn’t changed a bit.

How does rehearsing your songs now, over a decade after they were recorded compare to when you were rehearsing them just after they were written?

It’s very, very weird, because I guess we were so well rehearsed back then that apart from the odd blindspot it’s a bit like playing on autopilot. That doesn’t mean we won’t make any mistakes. In fact, maybe you should expect some.

Are there plans to continue as the Clouds or are these shows a one-off reunion?

I think we’ll wait and see how these shows go. It was a bit of an effort of co-ordination with jobs and families to get these shows happening, but if we’re all happy with them and there’s a good audience response we’d probably be open to doing some more.

What have you been up to since the band split?

I went and lived in London for six years, and then returned to Sydney. I am a so-far failed author, having written four unpublished books, I work in an office and I play in a covers band. I’m not a very good cook. I never learned to drive and I walk a lot. I grow my own aubergines.

Do you have any regrets about splitting up?

Yes, in that I thought we could have done a lot more. We didn’t run out of the music, but the personal side of things got hard.

Your music has become known for unusual guitar chords and creative bass lines, was this something you were aiming for when you began?

No, that’s just how it all evolved. I am a self-taught player, and I wrote songs that I sang while accompanying myself on bass, so maybe I got a bit more melodic trying to play along with the tune rather than keep the rhythm – I don’t know.

Given you have two lead singers, how did you determine who sings which songs?

Primarily, whoever wrote the song does the lead vocal. However, Jodi and I both like the sound of unison singing, so there’s a lot of unison stuff as well.

Did you each write your own songs or were they more of a collaboration?

For the most part we wrote separately, but there are maybe half a dozen (*counts on fingers*, might be wrong there, give or take one or two) songs where Jodi or I would say to one another “I’ve got some lyrics – do you have any melodies that might go with them?” or “I’ve got a couple of verses but I need a middle bit,” and that’s how the jointly credited songs came about.

Do you ever listen to your own music?

I didn’t for years, but now with the shows coming up I’ve dug the cd’s out. I didn’t have some of them. Luckily, someone has put some stuff up on the net that I could refer to!

What other music do you listen to?

Very little, really. Now and again I hit youtube and go browsing. I tend to like individual songs rather than bands.

I love Coin Laundry by Lisa Mitchell, Clementine by Washington, Kiss Me by New Found Glory, (brace yourselves) Jai Ho by Pussycat Dolls, Valerie by Amy Winehouse, the Switchfoot version of God Only Knows, Rock It by Little Red, White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes, Flightless Bird by Iron and Wine, Undertow by Warpaint

Where did the name The Clouds come from?

Jodi and I had been playing together around Sydney for a while under another name, with a different lineup, doing a different bunch of songs. A lot of changes came about all together and it was the right time for a new name. I couldn’t actually believe that the name The Clouds was available… but we registered it, and the rest is a mystery.

What do you have planned after these shows?

Do you mean musically? I’ve been working on my solo masterpiece for years now… Depending on how these shows go The Clouds may think of doing something more next year.

The Clouds will be playing in Brisbane (Aug 18), Melbourne (Aug 19) and Sydney (Aug 20) with The Wonder Stuff and Jesus Jones.  Check out their facebook page to find out more.