Following a heap of critical acclaim across the country for their debut album Polarity, the Bloodpoets are back with their latest EP.  Over the six tracks the band produce a sound that is raw and gritty while also being infectiously catchy at the same time.

The Bloodpoets blend various elements of alternative rock together with elements reminiscent of The Cure, Radiohead and the Talking Heads showing up here and there.  The various elements flow together well with the sounds swaying from soft ballads to heavy rock anthems and back again.

Wings is a sweet and poppy indie tune in the vein of Glide or the Cure’s more upbeat moments.  Sunny day has a funky ska feel to it.  The tunes here are infectiously catchy, backed with a cool baseline. The horns add even more colour and life to the mix.  Next year is a solid soft rock tune that has a heap of energy and passion poured in while sounding ballad-like at the same time.  She feels it has a darker feel to it.  It starts out soft and slightly chilling before gaining pace and rocking out. Faces on the street sees the band at their loudest and heaviest, rocking out with a massive grunge sound.  The EP closes with the fast paced post punk Dance that is poppy and catchy while having a raw and gritty vibe to it at the same time.

This is a solid EP with each track exploring various sounds, textures and vibes and pulling it all off with great flair. As a result the EP provides an enthralling 25 minute journey with no dull moments.


To hear songs off the EP check out The Bloodpoets on Unearthed  or Facebook.