Regurgitator have come a long way from their innovative indie rock sounds of New and Tu-Plang of over a decade and a half ago.  Sadly, they seem to have strayed somewhere along their journey and sound rather lost this time round.

The album seems to be trying to parody music of the past in the vein of Weird Al or Ween but without the charisma those artists achieved not with any successful attempts of humour.  The lyrics are full of attempts at low brow puerile humour. Sadly they lack any real creativity and are further hindered by a clumsy delivery.

Along the way the band attempt various styles including new wave (Punk Mum and Be Still my noisy mind), Punk (No show and Uncontactable) and glam rock (Into the night and Outer space).  Sadly in each case the music amounts to little more than poor imitations of the original style with no engaging features.

All fake everything starts off with an early Elton John/John Lennon sound before suddenly breaking out into a contrived hip hop sound for no apparent reason.  One day sounds like the band are trying to parody themselves, sounding like a shadow of their former greatness. The closing track, 8PM feels like the start of an acoustic folk song that hasn’t quite been developed to its full potential but got tagged at the end of the album anyway!

The album feels really underdone with no track reaching its potential and with the whole album clocking in at less than 33 minutes.  As a result, this is quite a let down from a band that used to be known for producing innovative and edgy indie rock.