Partie Traumatic is the brain child of Tasmania’s DJ/Producer/Musician Mathew Hislop.  When he isn’t putting out his own brand of electronic dance music under this alias he’s doing it under his alternate project East.  We caught up with my Hislop to ask him about his various musical incarnations.

What inspired you to make dance music?
I have always loved electronic/dance music, and I guess because of that I gained an interest in making it. I started looking into making my own dance music when I was 15, by getting some software and stuffing about with re-working samples into songs and re-mixing other songs. I released a whole bunch of this stuff back then on MySpace under the name ‘Sound Rider’, but I didn’t really do much with it and haven’t really looked at that stuff since, it was really just a bit of a muck about. But by doing this I learned heaps about sound manipulation and all the cool things that are possible with electronic and dance music, which sparked my interest in this area again about two years later when I started ‘Partie Traumatic’.

Have you thought of working in a band rather than going solo?
Yes defiantly, a lot of my friends are into making or writing music either by themselves or in other bands, so about six of us got together and made a group called ‘Frand’. At the moment it’s really just a bit of fun, we haven’t yet recorded any tracks but when we do I think it should be an interesting mix of genres as all of the members are into different styles such as, dance, electronic, hip hop, dub step, indie rock, acoustic, folk and old school rock. I think this mash up of styles will at least be interesting to make ha.

Where did the name Partie Traumatic come from?
Well, I spent ages trying to find a good name, trying to find a word or phrase that had meaning or related to an event or action, but in the end someone said “Partie Traumatic would be a good name” and I just got sick of looking and stuck with it. Turns out it was also the name of a Black Kids album, but it is actually really un-related to that, it kind of came out of the fact that whenever we had a party it would always get out of control (in a good way) so I think this is a good way to describe the majority of the music I create.

Why did you choose to perform under aliases rather than your name?
I always thought real names are a bit boring, and I think you can create more of an image and a theme with an alias than you can with your real name.  

When writing instrumental tracks, how do you determine the song title?
Well I started off by making the song then calling it the first thing or word the track reminded me of, now I have a list of cool song names so when I’m stuck i find one appropriate and slap it on.

You’ve been working on your debut album, how will it compare to what you’ve released so far?
My debut album will compile the six tracks that I have already released from both my iTunes single ‘Irrigator’ and my six track free album “Atic Matic” with six more new tracks. The new tracks I plan to release with the album are mostly similar to what I have already released, but a few of the tracks have a noticeably different sound. The album will still flow well but during the course of making this album I picked up new techniques and equipment and so my style changed slightly. So in a way this album will be a good introduction to Partie Traumatic and the style of music that I will be making in the future.

When will the album be released?
Well I’m hoping to release it on iTunes around early August,  I’m not giving any dates yet as I’ve had a heap of setbacks in the past six months so I don’t want to have to push the date back to much. But if all goes well it should be right on time.  

You posted some of your music on Triple J’s Unearthed, has this had any impact on your music’s exposure?
Yes defiantly, a lot of people listen to Triple J and a lot of people look around Triple J Unearthed for some new bands and new music, and especially lately Unearthed has been getting a lot of attention from the Triple J presenters.

You also have the music project “East” how does this project compare with Partie Trumantic?
In the beginning, the line between the music I was making for East and Partie Traumatic was not very clear. I was pretty much just making tracks and chucking them out randomly under either name. But now I have worked out my styles and got a bit more definition between the two projects. Partie Traumatic is strictly an electro/dance music project, even though my first album will have various styles on it, my next album will be more dance focused. East is an electro pop/electro rock project, but will have a very different sound to Partie Traumatic. I have not yet released any new tracks for East, but I am currently working on an album as a side project to Partie Traumatic.

What made you put out music under two aliases?
I love electronic music and so I want to make two very different styles of electronic music, so I created Partie Traumatic, to focus on dance music and heavier electro and East to focus on electro pop and electro rock. East will also be more lyrical while at the moment Partie Traumatic doesn’t really have any vocals apart from some samples.

When you start writing a new track do you know which alias you’ll release it under?
Now I do, but in the beginning, no. I’m a lot more organised now as well, with all my ideas and recordings in either an ‘East’ or ‘Partie Traumatic’ folder and within each is a list of songs I want to work on for each upcoming album or release, so that depending on what I feel like working on i can just jump right in and go for it. Simple idea but effective, since my computer used be a dumping ground of ideas all over the place. Trust me, start organised, it’s easier said than done but you will get more done if you do ha.

Are there any other music projects you’re working on?
Not at the moment, Frand is still in the beginning stages so I wouldn’t say I’m really working on that yet, but in the future I may think of working on some ‘duo’ projects or working with another artist on their own music.

Do you ever listen to your own music?
Sometimes, but when I do I find I pick apart my music to much so I tend not to unless I’m mixing it or checking it before I release it.

What does the quote “I will Partie so hearty so help me that my father shall not draft me” mean?
Its actually something a mate of mine said, I just thought it be a good quote for Partie Traumatic, he might have had some meaning behind it but I just thought it went along nicely with the feel of Partie Traumatic ha.

What do you plan on doing once the Partie Traumatic album is out?
I’m going to be promoting the album as much as my wallet can handle to start with and depending on how I feel about it I might do a few DJ sets and performances. I plan to release a Partie Traumatic EP within a few months of the album release to keep a bit of a flow going. But I’m really looking forward to my next album to be honest as I’m bringing in some new styles and ideas that should be really exciting. As well, I’m going to try and release either an album or EP for East within the next six months. So hopefully it’s going to be a busy year or so I reckon.

Partie Traumatic’s demo EP can be downloaded for free here. More music can be found from the  Partie Traumatic and East Unearthed pages.