Butterfingers’ front man Evil Eddie has gone solo. Thus far he has put out two singles in Queensland and (Someone Say) Evil with a debut album on the way.  While touring round regional Queensland, Eddie took some time out to answer a few questions.

What made you want to play hip hop music?

After growing up in house that heavily revolved around blues and rock music (whilst being very anti-rap) NWA’s ‘Fuck Tha Police’ was the perfect music to rebel with as a teenager. I heard when I was 13 or so and have been in love with Hip-Hop ever since which I guess is why I play it now.

How does playing solo compare to being in a band?

To me, being solo means that you have to deal with more of the stress that comes with running the business side of things by yourself but then, ultimately you have control over your own destiny in that regard as well so the personal rewards are greater too. I honestly feel like I’m running myself into the ground a bit but i wouldn’t want it any other way, if you know what I mean. “With freedom comes big responsibility” as KRS would say.

Given the success you had with Butterfingers did you feel any pressure in going out alone?

Yeah, the pressure was definitely there and making its presence felt, and during the process of releasing “Queensland” I really thought I was about to make a huge mistake by putting out there as my first track, but I was also at a point where I thought i had to just do something. I wasn’t super confidant but i didn’t feel like I had any other choice but to get started.

Is it hard to put together an album where you’re playing all the instruments?

Yes and No. All the instruments I can play fluently get recorded exactly the way I want. The ones I play averagely to poorly get outsourced to a factory in China, so if you start hearing Yazhengs and Cizhonghus  on my album, it’s the probably the result of poor translation.

What made you want to put out a single about your home State?

Basically I’d noticed that even though in conventional American Hip-Hop, an MC’s home state or city or neighbourhood is a common recurring theme, but the “Where I’m From” type of tracks hadn’t been explored so much in Australian Hip-Hop and I thought it was about time someone did. On top of that Queensland has been viewed as one of the more backward thinking states by the rest of the country for a long time due to the terrible leadership choices and police corruption that occurred through the 70’s and 80’s and I thought I’d try and give a little more clarity to that picture, for better or for worse.

Where did you get the idea for the (Someone Say) Evil video?

Well there were kids in the Chorus of the track already and i was put to the challenge of having to shoot a professional clip without the budget required for proper lighting, so being restricted to the daylight hours only, to shoot at a school was the first thing that popped into my head. Corrupting the youth in general is something that’s been part of the agenda too so that’s where the costumes and the obnoxious behaviour come in to it.

Will you be performing any shows in the outfit you wear in the video?

No, and if you could smell it you’d understand why.

How will the rest of the album compare with your first two singles?

Through a series of personal judgements made by any person who happens to hear it i would imagine.

You’re about to tour round regional Queensland, what can people expect at your shows?

Sorry for the delay with my reply but yeah, halfway through the tour now already and to give you some adjectives to describe it so far… loud, sweaty, banging, off tap! I mean, all round it’s kinda been a big blur of high energy madness and the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Gigs coming up this weekend are hopefully going to be a continuation of that madness.

How does playing in regional locations compare with playing in the capital cities?

The regional areas are so starved of live music, so when bands do bother making an appearance, people show up and get loose as. They appreciate the show so much and prove it to you with their loyalty afterwards. Regional rules!

Do you ever listen to your own music?

I think it’d be the same with most artists to say that when you’re writing and recording your songs you get to hear em in your head, in the studio and at the gigs so much that you don’t really have a desire to listen to your own music when you’re chillin’ in your spare time as well.

What music do you listen to?

Tinnitus. I’m listening to it right now. Doesn’t offer much in the way of melody though. Or rhythm for that matter. It’s fuckin’ annoying.

What is planned for Evil Eddie after the tour round Queensland?

I’m gonna sleep for a month hopefully. And never touch a beer again in my life.

Will there be more music from Butterfingers in the future?

Only time will tell???

Check out Evil Eddie’s webpage to find out more!