Kids without bikes are a new five piece from Melbourne, this is their debut EP and on it are 5 hard rocking tracks!

This EP puts out some hard hitting rock tunes packed with energy that will get your head banging away. The guitars put out some cool and smooth melodies as well as some heavy riffs. These are backed with some lively drumming and topped off by some mighty vocals.

The EP opens with Not today, honey, a speeding rock and roll sing along with some cool surfy riffs worked in here and there.  The track is full of energy with the guitars creating a massive wall of sound which is topped off by Carla Piccione’s gutsy vocals.  Dissect this starts off with a slower ska style feel before building up to be loud and heavy. The heist is a solid rock track with stoner and shoe gaze elements mixed in to good effect along with great chanting sing-a-long element.

In addition to the hard hitting rock anthems the EP also has two solid ballads each full of energy and showing off a different, contrasting side of the band.  Rose is a darker and slower tune packed with a more melancholy kind of energy that sees Carla Piccione take on a deeper vocal delivery.  Benefits is an even darker acoustic led tune that is full of emotion and a feeling of saddness and regret that closes the album well.

This is a great EP that offers both hard hitting rock and roll, full of grunt and aggression as well as some beautiful slow ballads.  This is rock and roll as it should be!


To hear Kids without Bikes’ music check them out on Facebook or Unearthed.