Trail Kennedy’s history have been anything but boring.  Following a critically acclaimed debut record they were met with a series of misfortunes from a break up with their record label to the lead singer having a heart operation and cracking his skull. In spite of all this they managed to pull together and put out a brilliant follow up album.

We caught up with drummer Shaun Gionis to ask him about the bands activities.

You’ve been through a large series of misfortunes since your debut album, how did you manage to keep going in the face of all this?
We just took a little time out, made the band secondary and put our personal lives first. Once we had done that it makes you inspired to write music again and to go out and play. Just back to having fun with it!!!!

Was it hard to put the second album together given what had happened beforehand?
No not really, the hard part is getting the songs together, 10 tracks that really work as an album. Once we had the tracks that best suited it was quite quick and pain free, as we’re an independent band we were just relying on ourselves. Didn’t have to get the ok from anyone so it was great in that respect.

What made you choose Living Undesigned as the title track?
I think we loved the sound of it first of all, but the track being about the chemical released in your brain when listening to music we thought it would fit perfectly.

In making your latest album you tracked ten songs in nine days, was it hard to get it done that quickly?
Funnily enough it wasn’t, we were prepared and knew exactly what we wanted to achieve in those nine days. So we got  things done quick and effectively.

This album quite deeper and darker than your previous work, did you worry about how the change in direction would be received?
I haven’t really thought about how it would be received, I think it’s a move forward so I just think people would dig as we do. I’m probably being ignorant but let’s hope people think of it as we do! Being deeper and darker is a positive I think, I think it has a lot more depth than the lat record. So I’m sure some people wont be into that, but that’s fine, you can’t make everyone happy!

Your music mixed various sounds and styles, is it hard to make the different elements fit together?
I think it just comes down to some songs being harder to write and than others being easy, it doesn’t really come down to the elements that go into that song. It could have three chords in it but it could just take a long time to find the right melody for instance.

What was it like working on an independent label for your second album?
Fantastic!!!!!! The major label experience was really good for us, we’ve been there and done that and now know what it’s like. We made a lot of good friends out of the experience and I’m glad we did it, but now being independent again we couldn’t be happier. Everything happens much quicker now, there’s only us 4 band members and our manager that make the decisions. So everything feels a lot easier now, no one to blame but ourselves!

What was the inspiration behind the video for best of tomorrow?
With that video we were lucky to get some good friends to shoot it, as it cost next to nothing and so many people worked for free on it we pretty much let the director do what she wanted. She came to us with a few concepts first, than we picked that one and they went crazy.

Where was the clip filmed?
Ah geez, the name of the place has totally escaped me. Hope the the people who shot the video don’t see this interview, they’ll kill me. All I can say it was a couple of hours out of Melbourne. Sorry!!!!!

In the lead up to the albums release you’ve had a weekly posting of a new song on your facebook page, where did this idea come from?
I think myself and our manager were just having a chat and talking about how our tour starts on the day of the album release, we thought it would be great for people to get familiar with the songs before it actually comes out. It’s also a great idea for the people who have been into our band for a long time.

What kind of response has this had?
From what I’ve seen so far it has been good, all the tracks have had plenty of listens and the feedback is great. The TK die hards seem to be liking it!

How do the live shows compare to your studio recordings?
They used to be a lot roarer and stripped back versions. Now we have a fifth member who is playing most of the extra parts we can’t do, so it gives the live sound much more depth and really stays true to the record. It’s the first time we’ve ever got this into making our live sound be like the record, it’s exciting to hear us like this and makes it a lot easier for everyone in the band.

What was it like opening for Fall Out Boy?
Yeah it was good, the crowds were great and we played venues that we never thought we would have played.

Someone on Facebook offered to make Trial Kennedy stubbly holders, will these become a reality?
Yeah I saw that, they looked great hey. Might have to get onto them!

Do you ever listen to your own music?
When we get rough mixes I’ll listen a fair bit, listen and pick out everything that I think needs to be changed. Once the we get the final version I’ll chuck it on and have a listen like our proud Dad!

What’s is planned next for Trial Kennedy?
Just get out there and tour this record, get to places that want us. Just really enjoy it, not do things we don’t want to do. We’ve already started dabbling with writing again, so we’ll also get stuck into that side of things when we’re not touring.

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