To celebrate 1000 song reviews on Triple J Unearthed I have put together the ultimate 5-Star Unearthed play-list. Currently there are 30 tracks spanning almost 5 years, all of which got a 5 star rating*.

To listen to the songs simply click here and then hit play!

This will be a “live” playlist, that is, as songs receive a 5 star rating in the future they will be added to the list, so keep coming back to hear the latest 5 star songs. As always songs will only stay up while they are on the site and thus may fall off over time so be sure to check them all out soon.

As always keep checking the Tomatrax Unearthed to hear the best new Australian music around!

* People who look really hard will notice that there are some songs with a 4.5 Star rating in the list. That’s because since posting the review I’ve changed my mind and decided they are worthy of 5 Stars!