This is album number two from Melbourne’s four piece Trial Kennedy. The band has managed to step up to the challenge of the difficult second album putting forward a collection of great tunes.

The album is full of hard hitting and energetic rock with some catchy riffs as well as some slower and darker moments.  Over the 10 tracks the band mix various elements of grunge, shoegaze and punk rock each complementing each other to deliver a fresh sound. The band do a far bit of exploration  with tracks flowing from one vibe to another keeping it interesting the whole way through. At the same time no track is longer than 5 minutes, each is quite snappy and to the point allowing the energy and atmosphere to be contained and not become stale.

The album blasts open with the fast paced rocking Sally armed with some heavy guitars and really catchy riffs. Strange behavior continues the high energy and speed with a huge wall of heavy grungy/stoner rock guitars.  The title track has a darker feel to it with elements of The Cure of the early 80s and Tool mixed in with good effect.  Exology has a more punk rock ska feel to it seeing the band put out a raw garage rock sound. Best of tomorrow starts off with a raw pub rock sound that gradually evolve into a more shoegazer style sound. My own is a slower melancholy tune that sees some strings brought in giving the song an extra layer of depth and adding a slightly chilly element in.  Cold war has a rather poppy feel with some catchy tunes while having grungy undertones creating an effective contrast of polished and raw sounds. Arrest rooms is a slower and more stripped back offering that has a dark atmospheric feel. The album closes with the solid rock and roll tune Two dogs.

This is a solid album with 10 great tracks full of energy and life on offer. The band put out some hard hitting rock that will get your head banding right from the start. At the same time the band shows off some great creativity with each track going off in different directions covering various styles and sounds.  This is one for all the lovers and rock and roll!


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