Alice Spacedoll is a solo performer from Sydney who infuses various avant guard, psychedelic and trip hop sounds to create her own brand of spacey sci-fi pop. This is Alice’s debut full length album that sees her playing just about everything on the record. Over the 10 tracks Alice experiments with all sorts of sounds, vibes and textures and pulls it all together with breathtaking flair.

The album has a spacey psychedelic  feel the whole way through with some clever layering of all sorts of sounds and textures. The vibes are encompassing making the listener feel like they have been taken on an intergalactic journey. The various elements and experimentation are held together strongly courtesy of some cool trip hop beats and dance tunes. This is all topped off by Alice’s breathtaking voice that effortlessly moves from being chilled out and relaxed to being breathy and agonising. Alice puts in every ounce of passion and emotion possible to create an phenomenal sound that at times acts as the main instrument.

The album opens with the Eastern influenced Lovesea led by some beautiful pianos and Alice providing some vocal harmonies.  This drifts seamlessly into the more dance like Mike Oldfield reminiscent Life Before Life. Bare your soul sees the music become slightly striped back allowing Alice’s voice to be pushed up the front and fully demonstrate its power. Indigo Lover has a sweet spacey vibe that is held together with some cool trip hop beats.  Evolve is a buffet of sounds and textures sounding both heavy and chilled out at the same time. Venus in furs is a great cover version that sees Alice take the Velvet Underground classic to greater depths sounding even more spacey and psychedelic. Road to consciousness is a more chilled out ambient song that moves along slowly with some echoing vocals coming in and out of the sound. Spacedoll sees Alice hit her intergalactic peak with all sorts of interesting sci-fi style vibes held together with a poppy beat. Home is a darker and more stripped back tune backed with a melancholy celestial sound and led by a more agonising voice. The album closes with the slower Alive that acts as a kind of warm down at the end of the mammoth journey the album takes the listener on.

This is an amazing full length album that shows off Alice’s amazing talent and creativity.  The various layers and elements are all cleverly constructed such that they all fit together nicely and work as one complete flow of music.  At the same time the depth of musical layering here means that upon every listen there is something new and exciting to discover from the album ensuring that it will never become dull. Each song is a strong effort in its own right while at the same time they all flow from one to another seamlessly allowing this to be both a collection of 10 great songs and an amazing long player experience.


To hear Alice Spacedoll’s music check out her webpage or her Unearthed  page.