This is the debut release from this Tasmanian three piece. Over the EP Lyke Giants put forward a mix of Britpop and shoegazer sounds producing sounds that are catchy and poppy while also having some deep shoegazer and spacey textures in the background. As a result they put forward six solid tracks that would all work well as great radio singles while also having a great depth that will give the listener something new to hear upon each listen.

Shade is an energetic pop tune with elements of Bloc Party and Kaiser Chiefs mixed in. The track moves from slow soft moments to more lively energetic parts seamlessly while having a heap of colour and live the whole way through. If the world shakes is a darker tune sounding a bit like the Cure of the last ’80s. There are some darkly beautiful vibes sweeping across the song which are held together by some great shoegazer style riffs. Breaking the night sees the music travel darker still, starting slowly and gradually building in pace and energy it takes the listener on a journey that is back melancholy and rocks out!   Turn this fight is the EPs major pop tune sounding like Death Cab for Cutie or The Cure’s brighter moments. The music is put together well with a lot of life and energy the whole way through. at the same time it retains the solid spacey textures giving it a lot of depth.

A bind lost is a more experimental track with a heavy spacey vibe making you feel like you are traveling to the stars. There are all manner of interesting sounds going on in the background here all of which meld together creating an amazing soundscape. The closing track, Four hundread days, is quite a departure from the rest of the CD, with the guitar being pushed up to the front of the sound the song has a more roots vibe to it showing off another side of the band that is equal in power and flair.

This is a great EP full of clever experimentation, deep dark textures while also managing to sound crisp and poppy.  Each track stands up on its own as a great tune while they all fit together to make a continuous flowing extended player. As a result this is an EP that provides great pop music whole also having something new to offer upon each listen!


Check out Lyke Giants’s Unearthed page or webpage to hear songs from their EP.