Celadon Candy are a two piece electronic outfit from Durham. The two members Paul Allgood and Jason Bowden have been collaborating with each others music projects over the past few years with this being their debut release as a band. They put out their own version of chilled out dance beats held together with some deep ambient vibes, producing some amazing sounds in the process.

Sweet is a catchy electronic tune full of cool beats. There is a rather spacey sci-fi feel to it with the sounds taking you on an intergalatic journey, at the same time it is very tight and energetic making it a great dance-floor tune. Broken is a slower and much darker tune. The confronting lyrics backed with the gritty soundtrack makes you feel like you are out in a dark and dirty alleyway. Undercutter is a more upbeat and poppy tune while retaining the laid back ambient vibe. The tracks a curious journey with all sorts of clever scraching and looping topped off by the calm but strong vocals.

This is a really solid EP, with only 3 tracks they manage to explore all sorts of sounds and textures while making everything flow together seamlessly. This is some great electronica with a good mix of slow chilled out dance sounds and more deep experimental vibes.


To hear more check out Celadon Candy’s myspace page.