Streamer Bendy burst into the Australian music scene in 2009 with their own brand of raunchy rock courtesy of their self titled EP! They have spent the past year on the other side of the world in Sweden, putting together their latest music and have recently returned to show off their new offerings. We caught up with lead singer Erinn Swan to ask her about writing, recording and music in general.

What’s it like to have your single out after around a year of putting the music together?

It feels great.  We are so excited about Streamer Bendy.  It’s been a long road to the album – two years of writing all over the world, hotel rooms, and good times. ‘You’re So Cool’ was written at the beginning of that journey, and it’s definitely a taste of what’s to come on the album.  I don’t think it will be on the album actually, so if you do like the track grab a copy on I-tunes while you can!!

What was the inspiration behind the latest single You’re so cool?

In all our writing across the world, we got a little bit of an insight into celebrity and public life.  LA in particular inspired this song; we spent a fair bit of time there over the last couple of years. There is as big celebrity culture in Australia and everywhere in the world, where we revere people (the big brother celebrities of the world) who don’t perhaps deserve our attention.  It’s kind of making fun of that idea of wanting to be someone else who might end up in rehab in 24 hours, but also a self-confession that at times I’ve been that person….I have plenty of idols and at times have lost myself in wanting another life…which I think everyone is guilty of at some stage.

What made you choose it as the leading single to the upcoming album?

‘You’re So Cool’ was written and produced before we recorded the album, and is definitely a taste of what’s to come with the album early next year.  We thought it was a nice introduction to the band – it’s fun, which is what we’re all about.  It’s part rock, part electronic.  It’s quirky, and we love the song.  It’s the kind of track you can dance to, or just appreciate the cute little riffs as a guitar lover or music enthusiast.

Where did you get the ideas for the video clip?

The idea came from the inspiration behind the song.  The models are those people we are all conditioned to ‘want’ to look like, and the photo shoots that are their bread and butter. It’s the kind of life everyone has been guilty of wanting, myself included.  And why not!  It looks like great fun…and the song is all in good fun.

It is a fair bit more poppy than most of your previous songs, was this intentional?

Yes…and no! We’ve always had pop music in our hearts, and I think we’ve grown up and progressed as musicians and people since we released the EP.  We spent time with many pop and rock producers in LA and particularly in Stockholm where we recorded ‘You’re So Cool’ and where we recorded the album.  People who have worked with the likes of Pink, Britney, the Rasmus etc.  But it wasn’t so much those people influencing the sound as just our progression as writers I think.

How will your upcoming album compare with your debut EP?

The album and particularly the single is very pop, but you won’t be disappointed if you were a fan of the EP.  We’ve all been in alternative rock bands across Brisbane for the last ten years, and it’s difficult to get that out of your blood.  The album is a fusion of the two; we like to call it ‘tough pop.’  A fusion of Katy Perry and No Doubt…

Will any songs from the EP reappear on the album?

Yes.  Minnesota makes another appearance but it’s dressed in some brand spankin new clothes.  The new version of Minnesota is something we are all very proud of, as we always believed in the track and it’s close to our hearts.  It’s positively awesome.

What will be album be called?

We recorded 19 tracks for the album and we have to narrow those down to around 14 maximum before we can choose the title…but there are a few things being thrown around…stay tuned..

What made you want to do the bulk of the recording in Sweden?

Stockholm has the cream of the crop of the world when it comes to music producers.  We wrote half the tracks on the album there, and made some great friends who we were certain we wanted involved with the album from day one.  In particular Karl Johan Rasmark (KJ) and Sebastian Larsson (50 Seb) who are two of the most talented people we’ve ever worked with.  We wrote ‘You’re So Cool’ with KJ and Seb.  Because of people like Seb and KJ, we fell in love with Stockholm and couldn’t have imagined a better city or group of people to write our album with.

What was it like for the band to stay together in a foreign city while making the record?

The whole band (myself, James, Matt, Woody, alex, and Damon) spent two months working together and staying in the same room, and we didn’t have one fight!?!? I couldn’t believe it.  And now we have our good friend who we wrote with in LA (Antho) added to the team, things couldn’t be better!  It really was a magical experience and you can tell how the personalities fit perfectly together when you listen to the record.  I couldn’t have asked for better or more talented band members/brothers.  We’re all integral to the process, and if one of those people hadn’t been there it wouldn’t have been the same.  Everyone is a talented writer, musician, and nice guy hehe.

Did you do any live shows while in Sweden?

We had a total of about five days off hehe so we couldn’t have fit that in.  It didn’t stop us from checking out some local Swedish bands though, and the scene is fantastic, we loved it.

Where do you think you’ll travel to next time you record?

At the moment, I think we’d all be happy to go back to Stockholm, but we’ve got a while to think about that..

You posted a series of youtube videos detailing the making of the album, what was it like to have your various activities on show for everyone to see as it happened?

It was great fun.  I edited the videos myself and loved to be able to share the fun we were having with everyone else.  I’m stoked we have youtube at our disposal for that.

You’ve talked about the band being named after your childhood imaginary friend, did she have any influence on the direction of the latest music?

Yes, in way.  The songs are all the inner monologue of myself, and that of the rest of the band members.  So I guess your imaginary friend is a projection of your inner monologue, as are all the lyrics and moods of each song from the record.

What was it like to work with the likes of Macho Psycho, Martin Hansen, and Arnthor Birgisson?

Incredible.  We’ve come a long way, and as a result are sooo extremely grateful for each talent we get to work with on our music, and any opportunity thrown our way.  We have been so privileged.  Macho Psycho are a great couple of guys who love cookies and chocolates and we had a blast with them.  We recently sent them some ‘Tim Tams’ to which they responded via email ‘We f’ing love TIM TAM!!!’ hehe.  Martin Hansen worked with the Rasmus, a band everyone respects, and I believe we wrote our big single with Martin.  Arnthor is a great dude, and we had a really good time writing a dance-type track with him.

The great thing is that they all in their own unique way of enhancing our personalities and style, and mad the most of all our skills within each individual song on the record (for example James Beat Boxes on a few tracks).  From what I can gather some producers like to push their own ideas onto you, rather than enhancing and molding yours.  We certainly didn’t have that experience.

Are there any live shows planned in the near future?

We will be doing a lot of touring next year, and we are currently in the middle of planning our live show.  There are some supports on the horizon.  We really want to make the live show something special.  We have a lot of electronic elements on the record and we want to replicate everything live.  Everyone in the band plays everyone else’s instrument too, which makes for fun rehearsals, and will probably transfer to the live show too.

What else is planned in the lead up to your album’s release?

At the moment we are listening to the final mixes, and choosing the final album tracks.  As I mentioned, we recorded 19 songs and have to narrow that down for the record.  We are also planning our live show and listening to our first song on the radio! It’s all very exciting, and lots of hard work.  So in the meantime, grab a copy of the single and watch what we’re up to at for more news!

You can check out Streamer Bendy’s latest single You’re so cool below!